Baylor University

VIDEO: President Starr Thanks Baylor Nation

June 18, 2010

After a number of very busy and challenging weeks, Baylor University has much to celebrate and be thankful for, says President Ken Starr. The Big 12 was saved, thanks in part to members of the Baylor Nation who championed the cause of the Big 12 and spoke out on Baylor's behalf. But your continued support is needed: fill our stands and enthusiastically support our athletic programs. The president also cited another need important to the Baylor family: significantly increasing the endowed student scholarship program at Baylor.

Starr remarked that the new 10-team model of the Big 12 Conference is great for Baylor and great for intercollegiate athletics because it puts the interests of fans and student-athletes first. The first home football game of the season for the Baylor Bears is Sept. 4 at Floyd Casey Stadium against Sam Houston State.

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