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Football. Football Gameday Information for 2011 Season 8/31/2011
M. Basketball. Tickets for "The Showcase" in Dallas On Sale Now 8/31/2011
1. OSHA Healthcare Advisor: Body scanners bringing fashion and fit to PPE 8/31/2011
Austin American Statesman: A&M officially is leaving the Big 12 8/31/2011
Baylor Athletic Director Ian McCaw optimistic about Big 12 expansion plans 8/31/2011
Baylor Named Again to "A" List for Core Curriculum 8/31/2011
Baylor one of just 19 schools nationwide to earn an 'A' for its core curriculum 8/31/2011
Campus Corner: K-State issues statement on Big 12 8/31/2011
Chicago Tribune: ISU A.D. Pollard says Big 12 moving quickly 8/31/2011
Columbia Daily Tribune: Alden letter addresses A&M, Big 12 future 8/31/2011
ESPN: Bill Self, Frank Martin react to A&M's move 8/31/2011
ESPN: Texas staying in conference makes sense 8/31/2011 Gray-Little, Zenger react to Texas A&M departure from Big 12 8/31/2011
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: A&M departure would take biennial nip out of Lubbock economy 8/31/2011
McCaw speaks on Big 12 expansion 8/31/2011
President Starr, Athletic Director McCaw respond to A&M's withdrawal 8/31/2011
Recent Baylor Graduate Selected for Fulbright to Study in Iceland 8/31/2011
SB Nation: Kansas Chancellor and Athletic Director React to Texas A&M's Departure 8/31/2011
SMU Professor of Geochemistry Begins Baylor Geology Fall Colloquium Series 8/31/2011
Statements from the Big 12 Conference on Texas A&M Withdrawal 8/31/2011
USA Today: Texas A&M notifies the Big 12 it is leaving next June 8/31/2011
New Big 12 schedule means Baylor hosts more powerhouses than ever 8/30/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor football transfers making quick transition 8/30/2011
Associated Press: Aggies receive letter from Big 12 8/30/2011
ESPN: A&M denies withdrawal letter sent 8/30/2011
Fall Physics Colloquium Series Begins Aug. 31 8/30/2011
Texas Independent Film Network and Baylor Film and Digital Media Present Fall Film Series 8/30/2011
Football. Meet The Press: TCU 8/29/2011
1. C-SPAN BOOK-TV: Authors on the Air August 26, 2011: Ronald Bishop, Mary Jo McConahay 8/29/2011
1. Yahoo! News: Obama's win will determine if he is an 'average' or 'great' president: Study 8/29/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: John Werner: TCU provides Baylor motivation for opener 8/29/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: More companies eyeing Waco this year, which could bring job growth 8/29/2011
Amarillo Globe-Times: Aggies' SEC move hurts tradition 8/29/2011
Bleacher Report: NCAA Football Conference Realignment: From Bad to Worse 8/29/2011 Rudeness At Work: On the Rise, And Coming With A Big Cost 8/29/2011
Football. Football Opens 2011 Season vs. No. 14 TCU 8/29/2011
Houston Chronicle: Big 12 entitled to brag with a load of championships 8/29/2011
This Friday, 'Be Bold, Wear Gold' as the Bears open against TCU 8/29/2011
Austin American Statesman: Don't give up on hicks vs. hippies 8/28/2011
Corpus Christi Caller-Times: We sure do miss the old Southwest Conference 8/28/2011
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Hance: Big 12 expansion targets might be 'bigger story than Aggies leaving' 8/28/2011
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Big 12 to hold teleconference about A&M 8/27/2011
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas A&M may be headed to SEC by week's end 8/27/2011
Houston Chronicle: Again, why is A&M going to the SEC? 8/27/2011
New York Times: Texas A&M Close to Leaving Big 12 8/27/2011
Football. FB Adds Gonzaga Transfer Demetri Goodson 8/26/2011
1. Environmental Health Safety Magazine: Baylor University Researchers Use Body Scanners as Tools for Designing Protective Clothing 8/26/2011
1. Houston Chronicle: Big 12 entitled to brag with a load of championships 8/26/2011
2. St. Louis American: Sociologist studies impact of education on religion 8/26/2011
Houston Chronicle: A limited launch for Longhorn Network 8/26/2011
Houston Chronicle: Solomon: A&M move flies in face of reason 8/26/2011 Texas A&M lets Big 12 know it's leaving 8/25/2011
Des Moines Register: Pollard talks Texas A&M, Big 12 8/25/2011
e!Science: Obama: Our 22nd greatest president? 8/25/2011
M. Basketball. MBB to Host SDSU for ESPN's Tip-Off Marathon 8/25/2011
New York Times: Texas A&M Gets Started On Possible Departure 8/25/2011
San Jose Mercury News: Pac-12 expansion: Assessing the options 8/25/2011
Science Daily: Scientists Develop New Approaches to Predict the Environmental Safety of Chemicals 8/25/2011
1. Economic Times: Barack Obama likely to be an 'average' President: Survey 8/24/2011
1. Environmental Protection: Scientists Develop New Approaches to Predict the Environmental Safety of Chemicals 8/24/2011
1. Obama: Our 22nd Greatest President? 8/24/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Former Temple back Seastrunk joins Baylor football 8/24/2011
2. Boston Globe: Rudeness is contagious 8/24/2011
3. Waco Tribune Herald: EDITORIAL: One need not be a Baylor alumnus to commit to its foremost priority 8/24/2011
Football. Baylor to be Featured on College Football Confidential 8/24/2011
1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Sacred and secular working to fight crime 8/23/2011
ABC News: Colleagues Behaving Badly: Stress of Rude Co-Worker Can Affect Home Life 8/23/2011
Baylor Scientists Develop New Approaches to Predict the Environmental Safety of Chemicals 8/23/2011
Birmingham News: Why does Texas A&M interest the SEC? 24.8 million people in Texas, that's why 8/23/2011
Football. Football Adds Former Temple HS All-American, Oregon Transfer 8/23/2011
Obama: Our 22nd Greatest President? 8/23/2011
Students Present Summer Research at Physics Undergraduate Research Symposium 8/23/2011
W. Basketball. WBB's Griner and Sims Named to Wade Watch List 8/23/2011
White House, First Lady's websites recognize work of Baylor's Texas Hunger Initiative 8/23/2011
1. USA TODAY: Religious freedom under assault 8/22/2011
Amarillo Globe News: Texas A&M's SEC-ession stems from emotions 8/22/2011
Associated Press: Move to SEC would put A&M in league without strong Texas presence for first time in history 8/22/2011
Houston Chronicle: Football rivalries in Texas are worthy of protection 8/22/2011
Houston Chronicle: With A&M all but gone, Big 12 faces uncertainty 8/22/2011
New York Daily News: A horrible coworker can also mean a horrible home life, according to study by Baylor University 8/22/2011
The City Paper: Vanderbilt's Williams not interested in Texas A&M joining SEC ... ever 8/22/2011
The Tennessean: Generation NEXT: 20somethings take the reins as CEOs 8/22/2011
W. Basketball. Sims and USA Teammates Claim Gold 8/21/2011
Baylor/Waco Foundation Announces Scholarship for Local High School Students 8/20/2011
Bloomberg Businessweek: Texas, ESPN say UT network won't hurt Big 12 8/20/2011
Fort Worth Star Telegram: Big 12's next step is enforceable safeguards 8/20/2011
The Enid News and Eagle: A&M should listen to Pickens 8/20/2011
The Republic: 'Super conferences' the wrong path for college football 8/20/2011
W. Basketball. USA Women Advance to Gold Medal Game 8/19/2011
1. 1660ESPN Radio: Interview with President Starr, Part 1 8/19/2011
2. 1660ESPN Radio: Interview with President Starr, Part 2 8/19/2011
3. The Dallas Morning News: Baylor president: College athletics starting to look like an 'embarrassing Jurassic Park' 8/19/2011
4. Conroe Courier: Big 12 must resolve issues together 8/19/2011
5. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Mark White, former Tx governor, says A&M would be making a "permanent mistake" to leave Big 12 8/19/2011
Abilene Reporter-News: SOUNDING OFF: Is A&M's existence in Big 12 really so bad? 8/19/2011
Football. Offense Shines in Football Scrimmage 8/19/2011
Fort Worth Star Telegram: Big 12's next step is enforceable safeguards 8/19/2011
The Republic: If Texas A&M bolts, Big 12 considering its options 8/19/2011
Yahoo! News: Study: Rudeness Spreads Like Virus 8/19/2011
1. Baylor Researcher to Study Air Pollution, Asthma Exacerbation in Fort Worth Area School District 8/18/2011
1. Financial Post: Can it be that the not-so-nice finish first? 8/18/2011
1. Good Health: With Age, Focus on Body Shifts From Appearance to Function 8/18/2011
1. KCEN-TV: Baylor University welcomes most academically advanced freshmen class 8/18/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Nickelback competition vital to new Baylor defense 8/18/2011
2. Psychology Today: Do Nice Guys Finish Last, And Get Paid Less? 8/18/2011
Baylor Researcher to Study Air Pollution, Asthma Exacerbation in Fort Worth Area School District 8/18/2011
Fort Worth Star Telegram: Texas A&M warned of 'permanent mistake' by former governor 8/18/2011
Houston Chronicle: Former Governor Mark White: Football rivalries in Texas are worthy of protection 8/18/2011
Starr provides perspective in midst of conference realignment talk 8/18/2011
Baylor President Ken Starr: Time for Transparency and Accountability in Athletic Conferences 8/17/2011
e! Science News: Baylor University study finds consequences of co-worker rudeness are far-reaching 8/17/2011
Huffington Post: The Secrets of Orthodox Exorcists 8/17/2011
International Business Times: Rick Perry Doesn't Expect Texas A&M to Go to SEC 8/17/2011
Lawrence Journal World: Big 12 pride 8/17/2011
The Oklahoman: Boone Pickens advises Texas A&M to stay in Big 12 8/17/2011
USA Today: Baylor's Starr: College athletics becoming embarrassment 8/17/2011
Austin American Statesman: GUEST CONTRIBUTOR KEN STARR: Don't destroy Big 12 and its Texas rivalries 8/16/2011
Kansas City Star: Future of the Big 12 is a guessing game 8/16/2011
The Bryan-College Station Eagle: Baylor's president: Keep Big 12 just as it is 8/16/2011
The Dallas Morning News: Deadline coming? Dan Beebe: Big 12 deserves to know A&M's intentions 8/16/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: EDITORIAL: We encourage Gov. Perry to defuse Aggie wanderlust, fight for Big 12 stability 8/16/2011
Baylor Nation, We're Working to Protect Baylor's Interests 8/15/2011
Houston Chronicle: Move by A&M to SEC defies logic 8/15/2011
NBC Sports: If A&M bolts, Big 12 should be able to keep TV deals with 10 members 8/15/2011
New York Times: N.C.A.A. Chief Suggests a Summit on Conference Expansion 8/15/2011
Shreveport Times: SEC football doesn't need A&M 8/15/2011
Things change fast: The latest on Big 12 alignment, A&M and the SEC 8/15/2011
Wall Street Journal: College Football Gets Its Act Together 8/15/2011
Austin American Statesman: A&M-SEC status still uncertain 8/14/2011
Kansas City Star Blog: Deaton says Big 12, Mizzou fighting public disconnect 8/14/2011
Lawrence Journal World: Big 12 vows to go on with or without A&M 8/14/2011
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Bailey: Big 12 urges A&M to stay 8/14/2011
New York Times: SEC Decides Against Adding Texas A&M 8/14/2011 Hocutt 'disappointed' Big 12 back in damage control mode 8/14/2011
San Antonio Express-News: Buck Harvey: Only pride would keep UT, Ags apart 8/14/2011 Texas A&M would face hurdles in move to SEC 8/14/2011
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Big 12 to fight Texas A&M move to SEC 8/14/2011
Star-Telegram: Texas A&M's move to the SEC still has obstacles to navigate 8/14/2011
USA Today: Big 12's Beebe: Ready to move if A&M bolts 8/14/2011
USA Today: Southeastern Conference presidents opt to take no action on Texas A&M 8/14/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: GUEST COLUMNIST KEN STARR: Keep the Big 12 together; A&M University, other schools should talk out differences 8/14/2011
Washington Post: Rep. Branch thinks committee will get to question Big 12, SEC, A&M before Aggies make SEC move 8/14/2011
Austin American Statesman: Dodds - "everyone wants A&M to stay" 8/13/2011
ESPN: Realignment rumors again rampant 8/13/2011 Aggies out of sight; are Aggies out of mind? 8/13/2011
Kansas City Star: Big 12 is firm with 10 ... or 9 8/13/2011
Report From Big 12 Conference Board Of Directors 8/13/2011 Big 12 ADs pledge unity as A&M stares down SEC 8/13/2011 Branch doesn't think A&M will move before hearing 8/13/2011
Tulsa World: Time for the Ags to Go 8/13/2011
Austin American Statesman: Dodds expects Big 12 survival 8/12/2011
ESPN Blog: Texas A&M board to discuss alignment 8/12/2011
Historic rivalries threatened once again; sic 'em, Baylor Nation! 8/12/2011
Historic rivalries threatened once again; sic 'em, Baylor Nation! 8/12/2011
Ian McCaw: Baylor University fully committed to Big 12 Conference 8/12/2011
Ian McCaw: Baylor University fully committed to Big 12 Conference 8/12/2011
Kansas City Star: KU's Zenger says nine Big 12 schools are firmly committed to the conference 8/12/2011
Kansas City Star: NCAA: No high school games on college networks 8/12/2011
Sports Illustrated: Texas A&M-to-SEC talk heating up; will realignment dominoes fall? 8/12/2011
Star-Telegram: A&M should think twice about move as SEC discusses possible invitation 8/12/2011
Star-Telegram: Legislature getting involved in Texas A&M's possible move 8/12/2011
USA Today: Texas legislature calls meeting amid talk of Texas A&M joining SEC 8/12/2011
Washington Post: Meeting of A&M regents called for Monday with conference alignment item on agenda 8/12/2011
Austin American Statesman: NCAA nixes Longhorn Network's hopes of airing prep games 8/11/2011
Baylor Study Finds Popular Muscle-Boosting Supplement Does Not Increase Blood Flow 8/10/2011
Tickets now on sale for Homecoming and Parents Weekend events, individual football games 8/8/2011
1. Killeen Daily Herald: Museum's Lost Egypt exhibit an exciting find 8/8/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Several Baylor professors keep busy with recent grant awards 8/8/2011
FOX News: More God, Less Crime 8/8/2011
KWBU-FM: Baylor Line Camp Imparts Community Service Value to Students 8/8/2011
Baylor Homecoming and Parents Weekend Special Event Tickets To Go On Sale Aug. 8 8/3/2011
1. The New York Times: A Social Security Calculator That Helps Hedge Your Bets 8/2/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor's Odyssey Sims hopes to represent US in China 8/2/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: TSTC training is BRIC research center's ace in the hole, official says 8/2/2011
Individual honors abound with BU football one month from kicking off 2011 8/2/2011
2. The Other Journal: The Tree of Life and the Lamb of God 8/1/2011
3. The Town Talk: Author makes case for God, faith to heal nation 8/1/2011
New Book by Baylor Professor Looks at Consumerism and Happiness 8/1/2011
Trinidad Express Newspaper: Hewitt grabs 200 gold 8/1/2011