Strengths Educator

11/13/2012 9:00AM-5:00PM

Location: TBD

Instructor: Mark Pogue, Gallup Inc.

Strengths Educator will help you learn more about your own strengths and how to apply those strengths in your job and life. You will develop and demonstrate an understanding of the psychology and principles of strengths-based education while exploring your talents -- your unique and recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior -- and learn how they contribute to your style and approach to self and student development. You will review Gallup's research on engagement and discuss ways that strengths-based development can drive engagement among students, staff, and faculty, and create an environment that supports high well-being. You will develop strategies to implement a strengths-based approach on campus and work toward maximizing individual talents to create the greatest potential for individual achievement.

In short, participants will:

• Explore the strengths philosophy and learn how this approach drives the engagement of students, staff and faculty

• Understand how a focus on strengths relates to student success

• Discover and explore their own strengths

• Build a strengths vocabulary

• Gain insights in applying strengths in daily life

• Gain strengths-based development activities that can be shared with others

There will be a one-hour break for lunch on your own. Please feel free to bring lunch and fellowship during the break.