Core Competencies for Supervisors

These expectations are in addition to the general expectations for all Baylor employees.

Be fair /Inspire trust

  • Use fair and legal management practices
  • Avoid even the perception of favoritism
  • Don’t discriminate
  • Keep confidences
  • Be truthful and direct
  • Model consistency and composure
  • Intentionally behave in ways that build trust

Hire well

  • Use legal and fair hiring practices
  • Identify what knowledge, skills and attitudes are required for a position
  • Use interviewing and other hiring techniques skillfully
  • Follow policies and procedures in hiring
  • Consider motivational and behavioral fit, and fit with Baylor’s mission when hiring, as well as technical skill

Help people develop

  • Hold regular development discussions
  • Help employees construct and execute development plans
  • Encourage employees to regularly take time for development activities Use delegation as a developmental tool
  • Help people to learn from their mistakes
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Be aware of each employee’s career goals
  • Encourage people to develop their gifts/skills – even if it means they may eventually leave you or leave Baylor

Lead with courage

  • Let people know where they stand
  • Face up to problems quickly and directly
  • Step up to conflicts; see them as opportunities for improvement
  • Don’t be afraid to take negative action when necessary (probation, firing, etc.)

Manage legally and according to policy

  • Keep up to date on the legal implications of various management practices
  • Make sure your management practices are well within legal parameters
  • Keep abreast of Baylor policies and fulfill your responsibilities accordingly

Manage performance

  • Develop goals and standards for your area that are aligned with the mission and vision of the university
  • Establish clear expectations and directions
  • Set and communicate priorities
  • Hold yourself and the people in your area accountable for accomplishing goals and standards
  • Help individuals develop goals that are in alignment with departmental goals
  • Provide information that will help individuals monitor their own and the department’s performance
  • Use coaching and feedback skills to help people perform well
  • Recognize and reward good performance
  • Take action to improve performance deficiencies
  • Organize resources and processes to accomplish the work of the department effectively

Build a good working environment

  • Be approachable
  • Understand that different people are motivated by different things; match motivation to the individual Empower the people whom you supervise
  • Invite input; share ownership and visibility
  • Acknowledge and celebrate team accomplishments
  • Recognize and utilize contributions of people from diverse backgrounds and different behavioral styles
  • Promote team cohesiveness
  • Keep people informed about decisions, changes, issues, etc. that affect them
  • Encourage and model open and direct two-way communication
  • Use coaching and feedback skills to help people work together well