Custom Development

Departments sometimes find they need specialized professional development programs to address particular issues and circumstances, or teams may seek facilitators to assist with retreat or group planning activities. 

We offer customized programs tailored to a specified audience (such as a department only), as well as creating programs tailored to a department’s specific opportunities or challenges. 

Custom services include:

  • Retreat Planning or Facilitation
  • Team Building
  • Mission Statement Development
  • Departmental Goal Planning
  • Resources for departmental meetings and training

To learn more about custom solutions, please contact the Manager of Learning & Development or your Client Relationship Manager in Human Resources at (254) 710-2000. 

We will partner with you to discuss your needs and determine the most appropriate solutions to achieve your goals. 

The cost of custom professional development depends on factors such as facilitators, materials, and location.  These costs may be charged to the requesting department.