Outstanding Staff Selection Guidelines


Nomination & Eligibility

1. Nominations will be based on the employee's service to Baylor through:

a. Support in fulfilling the university's mission;
b. Achievements within the respective job assignment; and
c. Contributions through service at Baylor, local community and church.

2. The number of staff to be awarded are based on distribution of university employees in each employment level and are as follows:

a. Professional (degree required) (3)
b. Office/Clerical/Technical/Paraprof/Skilled Crafts/Service Maint(3)
c. Executive/Administrative/Management (2)

3. A staff member must be employed for a minimum of two consecutive years before he/she may be selected as outstanding staff. A staff member may be selected no more than once every seven years for the outstanding staff award.

4. Deans, Assistant/Associate Vice Presidents, and Executive Council members are ineligible for selection as outstanding staff.

5. A staff member may be nominated more than once, but not by the same person in the same year.

6. Human Resources will verify nominees are in good standing and not on probation, etc, as well as verifying concurrence of their nomination with their supervisor. If a nominee is disqualified due to performance or conduct issues, such individuals will be eliminated from the process. The Committee will not be informed of any of the issues disqualifying the staff member.

Selection Committee

1. The Committee is composed of nine members: seven from Staff Council representing diversified areas and employment levels of the university and two from previous award winners. The Chair for Staff Council and Manager of Learning & Development in Human Resources will serve as ex-officio(s).

2. The Committee will select a first and second alternate from each category.

3. Committee members must maintain strict confidentiality, with no discussion of any part of the process with anyone outside of the Committee.

4. Committee members should review each nomination and base their decisions on the information presented to the committee.

5. The selection of a candidate will be objective and made without regard to personal biases, feelings, friendships, etc.

6. The decision of a Committee member should not be predicated upon the nominee's years of service at Baylor, pending retirement or the number of nominations submitted on his/her behalf, but rather on each area identified in the above selection criteria.

7. The selection of a candidate will be made without regard to the nominee's gender, ethnicity, age or religious affiliation.

8. A majority vote is necessary for an award to be issued.

9. The Committee's selection of candidates for the outstanding staff award is subject to the approval of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.

Notification & Awards Presentation

1. Each recipient's immediate supervisor is responsible for informing the recipient, who may extend an invitation to immediate family members for the awards presentation at the Spring Staff Forum.

2. The HR Manager of Learning & Development is responsible for creating a brief biographical sketch for each recipient to be read by the Chair of Staff Council at the award presentation.

3. Human Resources will provide a list of the award recipients to the Payroll Office.