Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We all experience times when we need a little help - from planning a birthday party to writing a will - and everything in between. Baylor understands this and provides full time faculty and staff (and their household family members) with a new and expanded Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Once registered with the EAP, eligible faculty and staff can access useful information, world-wide news, interactive materials and services at any time, either online or via the mobile app.

Phone access: 888-628-4844, TDD 800-697-0353

Online Access - first time user:
  1. Enter this address in your Web browser: www.guidanceresources.com
  2. Select "I am a first time user"
  3. Enter the Organization Web ID when prompted: PFGEAP
  4. You will be prompted to set up your user name, password, and security question as a first time user.

Commonly Asked Questions About Your EAP

Program Features:
  • EAP Counseling: (5) Face-to-face sessions with a local counselor for stress, depression, family and other issues **(5 sessions per person/per issue)
  • Unlimited telephonic access: Upon calling the guidance resources services, a Member Advocate will speak confidentially with you to provide consultation, resources, an action plan and information needed to help address your concerns.
  • FamilySource®: Unlimited referral and resources for child care, elder care, education, relocation, daily living issues, etc.
  • LegalConnect®: Unlimited consultation with a ComPsych attorney, free 30 minute consultation with lawyer in your community, percent discount off services by lawyer. Coverage for parental rights, civil/criminal issues, divorce, etc.
  • FinancialConnect®: Unlimited consultation with a ComPsych CPA/CFP, referral to financial planner. Coverage for debt, credit card issues, tax issues, etc.
  • Guidance Resources Online: Thousands of articles on helpful topics, tools and calculators, videos on various topics, searches by zip code for lawyers, childcare, nursing homes, discount programs, helpful monthly e-mail tip sheets. See the Personal Development Work-Life Topic List. Examples include:
    • Wellness - addiction, emotional well-being, fitness and nutrition, personal growth, physical health, personal safety, stress and anger management
    • Relationships - childcare, divorce and domestic issues, eldercare, expanding a family, marriage and relationships, parenting, special needs and gifted children
    • Work & Education - career development, college and graduate school, in the workplace, K-12 school, manager guidance, military, personal development
    • Financial - consumer issues, debt and bankruptcy, estate planning and eldercare, insurance, personal finance, real estate, tax
    • Legal - consumer issues, criminal law, debt and bankruptcy, estate planning and eldercare, family law, insurance, lawyers and court, personal injury and health law, real estate, tax
    • Lifestyle - computers and electronics, food and beverage, going green, pets, planning an event, shopping and consumer rights, travel
    • Home & auto - buying and selling an auto, driver safety and education, home improvement and maintenance, home safety and security, moving
    • Health Care Navigation Resources
    • Writing a will
    • Training programs - online on/demand on topics like stress, communicating without conflict, relationships, personal finances and more
    • Multimedia resources - for E-books, mobile apps, podcasts, resource guides, slide shows, videos


Full-time faculty, staff and their family household can have access to Face to Face Consultations, unlimited telephone counseling, and many online resources.

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Call the Employee Assistance Program:
TDD 800-697-0353


Visit guidanceresources.com

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