Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Note: Effective August 1, 2014, HorizonCare will be replaced by another EAP service provider. Upon finalization of the selected provider, all information will be updated.

We all experience times when we need a little help with life’s challenges. Baylor understands this and provides the HorizonCare employee assistance program (EAP) to offer support, guidance and resources to help employees and their families resolve personal issues. A Member Advocate from Horizon HealthEAP Services will speak confidentially with you to provide consultation, resources, an action plan and information needed to help address your concerns.

The HorizonCare program is paid for by Baylor. However, if you accept a referral to services that are not a part of the HorizonCareprogram, you may be responsible for the costs associated with those services.

Consultative Solutions for Employees and Their Family Members

The EAP and WorkLife services provide employees with consultation, information and referrals to community resources for a variety of concerns, including:

Adoption Programs

Grief, Illness or Loss of a Loved One

Elder Care Services

Health & Wellness


Marital or Relationship Difficulties

Child Care Services

Parenting Issues


Personal Achievement

Education Resources

Pet Care

Emergency and Back-up Care

Special-needs Programs

Emotional Well-being

Stress and Anxiety at Work or Home

Financial Services

Legal Services

Identity Theft and Fraud


Face to Face Consultations
In addition to consultation and online resources, employees may qualify for up to three face-to-face assessment and counseling sessions. These may be scheduled on a per-issue basis, for evaluation and short-term treatment. Counseling sessions are provided by Horizon's national network of more that 23,000 licensed providers including several local providers.

Online Resources
Training modules
Access to thousands of articles
Informative and educational materials
Additional reading lists

Additional Services
Personal, confidential screening and responses
Access to a member advocate, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Goal and success planning
Follow-up on plans and goals


Employees and their family members


Call Employee Assistance Programs: 888-293-6948


Visit the HorizOnline Web site at Horizon Employee Assistance Program.

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