Buckner International Short-Term Mission Trips

Buckner-Honors College Scholarship Application

Application Deadline: February 21

Buckner International partners with the Honors College in providing national and international service and academic opportunities for Honors College students. Are you looking for a way to make a lasting impact in the lives of people around the world -- from the grasslands of Africa to the mountains of Peru? Project Go is a one-month opportunity to join a 135-year movement in transforming the lives of children and families from every walk of life. From teaching English to farming and brick-making, and from visiting orphans to helping in community medical clinics, Project Go is a unique opportunity for college-aged students to use their strengths to share the love of Christ.

This merit-based scholarship assists current Honors College students in assisting those in need. Support. Defend. Uphold. Go! It's your mission. (Academic credits can be earned.)

Honors Program students can earn one honors unit for participating in this program along with writing a paper and giving a presentation the following spring. Students who are interested in learning more about this program should attend the informational session in January. (More details to come)

More Information about Buckner's 2015 Short-Term Mission Trips:
• Ms. Allyson Bay: abay@buckner.org
• Online at online at Project Go!

More Information about Honors College Scholarships:
• Ms. Petra Carey: Petra_Carey@baylor.edu
• Online at www.baylor.edu/honorscollege/scholarships
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2016 "Project Go!" Online Volunteer Application -- The deadline to apply is February 15.

Buckner-Honors College Scholarship Application -- The deadline to apply is February 21.

2016 Dates To Remember

02/15/2016 -- Round 1 Application Deadline (Interview scheduled upon application submission)
02/21/2016 -- Buckner-Honors College Scholarship Application deadline
03/01/2016 -- $750 nonrefundable confirmation (to be applied to the total trip cost)
03/30/2016 -- 40% of total trip cost + any additional fees Buckner has incurred
04/15/2016 -- 75% of total trip cost + any additional fees Buckner has incurred
05/15/2016 -- 100% of total trip cost