How To Apply to Honors College Programs


Applying for admission to the Honors College requires two distinct steps:

  1. Application to Baylor University

    For information about applying to Baylor University, go to Baylor Admissions.

  2. Application to One or More Programs in the Honors College

    After applying to Baylor University, a prospective student may apply directly to one (or more) of the programs in the Honors College by submitting a single application. To learn more about admission requirements and the application process for a specific Honors College program, refer to that program's Website by selecting its name from the following list. When you are ready to begin the application process, click on the link in the box on the right to view the questions you'll be asked on the Honors College single application.

Once admitted to an Honors College program, students are classified as an Honors College student. Applicants are encouraged to apply to our programs and to the Honors Residential College (HRC) concurrently. Admission to the HRC is competitive. So apply early! You may access the online HRC application on the HRC Website.