On Campus

Welcome to the Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration! We have been serving the Federal Health System by providing high quality graduate education and research through our affiliation with Baylor University for more than half a century. Our strategic partnership with Baylor and the excellence exhibited by our faculty, students, and alumni have enabled us to develop one of the most highly regarded health administration programs in America.

The Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration is located at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. The two-year program consists of a didactic phase and a residency phase. During the 12-month didactic phase at Fort Sam Houston, Army-Baylor students complete 57 hours of graduate coursework toward a Master of Health Administration (MHA) awarded by the Baylor University Graduate School, or alternatively, 78 hours to be applied to a joint MHA/MBA degree from the Baylor University Graduate School and Baylor University School of Business. The Program is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) and the joint MHA/MBA degree is awarded with accreditation standing from the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

The 12-month Administrative Residency provides students an opportunity to integrate graduate management and health administration concepts and principles in an applied setting under the mentoring supervision of a highly qualified preceptor. Residents receive thorough exposure to various organizational challenges in the marketplace and complete a portfolio of projects to enable organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively. 

If you haven't heard it enough, here it is one more time... 

Thank you for the awesome experience.  I've truly enjoyed my time with Army-Baylor.  The diplomas are only a small part of what we have gained as we interacted with the staff and our fellow Baylor students.  I usually put my diplomas in a file drawer, but I want these on display.  I want to be able to spark some interest in another person to ask me questions about the program.  I've already fielded questions from many prospective candidates.

I couldn't tell you the name of one instructor or classmate from my bachelor degree program.  The memory faded as soon as the class was over.  It is different with the Army-Baylor program.  I have come to respect and admire each and every one of the professors.  I had made memorable connections with my fellow classmates.  Army-Baylor is like a family, and I'm so happy to become a part of it.