Section 11: Procurement of Radioactive Materials

A. Policy

  • Under university policy, orders are placed for radioactive materials only through the Radiation Safety Officer. Direct purchases from suppliers by petty cash, COD, or otherwise, are prohibited regardless of the amount to be expended. Campus radioisotope deliveries will be made through the Radiation Safety Officer

B. Ordering Procedure

  • To place an order for radioactive materials, users should first contact the Radiation Safety Officer and request authorization, using forms available on the Baylor Radiation Safety web site.

C. Order Placement

  • The AU must complete a Radioisotope Order Request and receive approval from the RSO prior to making an order. Each department is responsible for ordering radioisotopes for their Authorized Users.

D. Delivery

  • The chemical stockroom must be notified when making an order. All incoming radioisotope deliveries must be made directly to the chemical stock room. The chemical stock room will immediately notify the Authorized User upon receipt. The Authorized User must collect the radioisotope from the stockroom and complete receipt inspection within 3 hours. The central receiving section will not be involved with such deliveries and therefore, will not perform any automatic follow-up function on outstanding isotope orders. The user, or his support staff, will be responsible for follow-up activity, the University budget office should be notified by the user.

E. Inspection and Re-delivery

  1. Each shipment must be surveyed for contamination. An inventory control sheet will be prepared for each shipment. The Radiation Safety Officer should be notified by the user within 72 hours of final delivery if the shipment is not satisfactory. The inventory control sheet must be returned to the Radiation Safety Officer when the shipment has been used up and disposed of. (See Appendix H.)
  2. Any shipment of radioactive material with more than 2200 decays per minute of removable contamination on either the outside package or the inside container will be considered unacceptable. The vendor will be contacted and arrangements made for replacement shipment. The shipment will be returned to the vendor or disposed of as waste.