University Compliance and Risk Services


University Compliance and Risk Services supports the university’s mission and values through Principled Performance which focuses on achieving goals and objectives with integrity. We work with university leadership and partners to systematically identify and assess activities and behaviors which could lead to positive or negative impacts to the university and then help support efforts to manage them to reduce the potential for negative impacts and ensure compliance.


What is Principled Performance

Principled Performance is key to guiding the university to maintain its Christian Commitment while achieving academic excellence. Principled Performance places values first. Baylor’s Christian values are at the heart of the university and are critical to its success. Baylor University has made a commitment to integrating its values across the organization and letting these values lead in achieving its excellence and performance.


Compliance, Risk, and Ethics Framework

The Compliance, Risk, and Ethics program has put a framework in place to allow for constructive conversations and information sharing across the university with the goal of institutionalizing and integrating compliance, risk, and ethics into the university’s decision-making.

Services and Support

UCRS offers a wide-range of services and support to the university community. Below are some of the most frequently requested services and support we provide:

Compliance and Risk Consultation:

Our team is here to help support your programs, operations, and activities by actively listening to your concerns, evaluating information, making recommendations, and providing support and advocacy through proper university channels.

Worker’s Compensation:

If you have been injured in the course and scope of your employment, we can help you with your claim and walk you through the process.

Request to Drive:

We provide services to help you register and meet the requirements to drive on behalf of the university.

Report an Incident/File a claim:

Do you need to report an incident, safety concern, or file a claim with the university? If so, click on the university’s Incident Report form . We can also help answer any questions you might have about the process.

Youth Programs:

We provide services to help register your youth program and meet all of the university’s requirements to have a fun, safe, and successful program.

Policy Development:

Do you have a new policy you want to create and have approved, or do you have an existing policy which needs updating? We can help facilitate, support, and advise in the creation of new and/or existing policies for your area.

International Activities:

We can help support your activities abroad or with foreign entities by evaluating compliance issues related to visiting scholars, traveling with technology/information, and shipping/accepting goods from other countries. Additionally, we provide information and educate on insurance coverage and services available to you while abroad.

Contact Information:
University Compliance and Risk Services
Baylor University
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Waco, TX 76706