Section 5: Personal Exposure

A. Adults

  • The occupational dose to individual adults shall not exceed the following annual dose limits:

    1. total effective dose equivalent of 5 rem
    2. the deep dose equivalent and the committed dose equivalent to any individual organ tissue, other than the lens of the eye, of 50 rem
    3. eye dose equivalent of 15 rem
    4. skin or extremity shallow dose equivalent of 50 rem

B. Minors

  • The annual dose limits for minors shall not exceed 10% of the annual dose limits specified above for adult workers.

C. Declared Pregnant Women

  • Dose to the embryo / fetus of a pregnant woman shall not exceed 0.5 rem during the entire pregnancy. (See Section XIII.)

D. Airborne Radioactive Materials

  • Exposure of individuals to airborne radioactive materials requires the approval of the Radiation Safety Officer.

E. Exposures Greater than 125 millirem

  • In accordance with the ALARA policy, exposures must be maintained as low as reasonably achievable. Any time a person receives an exposure greater than 125 millirem in one monitoring badge reporting period, the exposure will be evaluated to determine if it could be reduced.

F. Annual Dose Limit

  • Annual dose limit to the public must be less than 100 millirem.