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Lab Safety Manual

Lab Manual Pointer Page
For laboratories with a Chemical Hygiene Plan, this lab safety manual replaces any previous versions of the university's lab safety manual. Rather than requiring you to keep a print copy in the lab, please include this provided "pointer page" in your safety binder:

Lab Safety Manual Pointer Page

Table of Contents

1. Laboratory Safety ay Baylor University

2. Chemical Hygiene Plans

3. Emergency Procedures

4. Chemical and Hazard Identification

5. Health Hazards of Chemicals

6. Controlling Chemical Exposures

7. Safe Work Practices and Procedures

8. Chemical Spills

9. Laboratory Waste Disposal

10. Chemical Specific Issues *This Section contains chemical safety information for several specific chemicals

11. Fire Extinguishers and Fire Safety

Appendix A: Particularly Hazardous Substances

Appendix B: Reproductive Toxins

Appendix C: Materials with High Acute Toxicity

With thanks to Princeton University for the use of their Lab Safety Guide that has been modified to meet the needs of Baylor University