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Baylor Missions and Study Abroad

"Out-of-the-Classroom" Enrichment Scholarships

In today's global society, it is crucial that students have opportunities to broaden their horizons within the context of higher education. Through your support of scholarships for discipline-specific mission trips and study abroad trips, students benefit from life-changing international experiences.

BU Missions

BU Missions offers service-focused and discipline-specific mission trips that help students understand how the knowledge and skill they gain at Baylor can be used to serve people around the world.

Through collaboration with faculty and staff from various academic disciplines and global partners, these trips are developed to offer hands-on activities. The experiences provide insight into vocation and calling while exposing students to global needs.


Study Abroad

Study abroad trips allow students to be fully immersed in another culture while continuing their academic studies. As students adapt to a new culture, their worldview and skills are expanded to increase their future opportunities in the workforce.

Exposure to other cultures changes student lives every year. To learn how you can support scholarships for missions and study abroad opportunities and extend these incredible experiences to current and future students, please contact University Development at (254)710-2561 or