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What is an Endowed Scholarship?

An endowed scholarship creates a permanent legacy for Baylor students. While gifts to an endowed scholarship fund remain untouched, a portion of the income earned from the fund finances student scholarships.

Through the legacy of endowed scholarships, generations of Baylor students will be afforded the opportunity to pursue their dreams at Baylor University and in turn, impact the future of our state, our nation and our world.

Learn more about how you can establish your own endowed scholarship or make a gift now to an existing endowment.

Establishing Your Endowed Scholarship

You may fund your endowed scholarship at Baylor over a period of five years with an initial gift of $5,000, with the understanding that it will not become a named endowment until the balance reaches $50,000.

You may wish to identify certain award preferences for your endowed scholarship fund such as a particular school, academic discipline, department or Athletics. You also may choose to include other selection criteria, such as merit- or need-based consideration. (Based on federal guidelines, gender, age and ethnicity cannot be used as criteria or preference for awarding scholarships.)

Funding Your Endowed Scholarship

Endowed scholarships may be funded with a tax-deductible, charitable contribution of cash or securities. You also may choose to use your estate to establish an endowed scholarship.

Many companies also offer matching gifts for contributions donated by their employees. Click here to see if your place of employment offers such a program.

Baylor recognizes donors to endowed scholarships through recognition in the Endowed Scholarship Society.

To learn more, please contact Bill Dube, director of Baylor's Endowed Scholarship Program, at (254) 710-2561 or