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The President's Scholarship Initiative

Scott Drew

A Big Assist for Baylor

In the heat of competition, it's all about winning. But beyond the stretch of hardwood and the glow of arena lights, after the uniforms are sent to the wash and the scoreboard goes dark, Baylor is about so much more.

In classrooms, perceptions are challenged and new knowledge gained. Outside of class, Baylor student-athletes are learning how to serve their community, be it Baylor, Waco or the world.

Understanding the scope of a Baylor student-athlete's experience, Head Men's Basketball Coach Scott Drew stepped out in support of The President's Scholarship Initiative to further Baylor's mission and create opportunities for deserving students.

"We appreciate what Baylor University stands for and the quality education it offers young people," Drew said.

Out of that gratitude, Scott and Kelly Drew established their own endowed scholarship fund for student-athletes. Citing the economy and the challenge parents face in sending their children to college--particularly a private, Christian university--the Drews are eager to open doors.

"We've been blessed by Baylor, and with that, there's no greater feeling than to give back," Drew shared. "Being able to offer someone the opportunity to come to Baylor University is something that really excites Kelly and me."

Taking their posts within just a few weeks of each other in 2003, Baylor Athletics Director Ian McCaw has seen the coach in action over the last seven years. And what he's witnessed makes this gift even more profound.

"He's invested so much time, energy and enthusiasm into the basketball program," McCaw said of Drew. "I don't think the fans or general public realize how much effort he's put into building it. Making that enormous investment and then creating a scholarship--it says a lot about his commitment to Baylor and his student-athletes."

Drew's leadership is moving The President's Scholarship Initiative forward, and his generosity is paving the way for countless students to participate in Division I athletics while enjoying a distinctive Baylor education and a transformative Baylor experience.

Extraordinary Stories are unfolding at Baylor.

Coach Drew is just one among an army of coaches, faculty and staff who have demonstrated their support for Baylor and the distinct opportunities offered to student-athletes through the Baylor experience. Providing scholarships to student-athletes is not only a priority outlined by the NCAA, but it is a priority for Baylor University. Though our athletic endowment falls short of providing these much needed scholarships, you can stand in the gap for Baylor student-athletes. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a critical difference. Make your gift today.