Mark & Linda Murdock

spotlight_murdocks (w x h, 0 KB) Hometown: Lubbock, Texas

"When you talk about Baylor, you stir our heartstrings," Mark Murdock explained.

It was this affinity for Baylor and their faith that inspired the Murdocks to make provisions in their retirement assets for their alma mater.

"We had a sense that this is what God wanted us to do & be good stewards of what He entrusted to us which included making a provision for Baylor," Mark said.

The Murdocks wanted to support Baylor because of their own positive experiences. "I couldn't have gone to Baylor if it weren't for my athletic scholarship. I always had this sense that someone made it possible for me to go to Baylor, so now what I need to do is make a Baylor education possible for someone who couldn't have it any other way," Mark explained.

Gifts from the Murdock estate will support the Martin L., III and Linda M. Murdock Endowed Scholarship Fund, established to benefit Baylor students preparing for a vocation in the ministry or mission work.

"Making Baylor a recipient of our estate is our way of saying, 'Thanks for what you've done for us.' I don't know if Linda and I could ever give enough that would make us feel that we have adequately repaid what Baylor gave us."