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Check your Baylor email daily, and update your contact information on BearWeb.
Check out the "Student Tools" box. The last item is a "Semester Predictions" template to help you plan the remainder of the semester. A mini-workshop can help you get organized for a test, read more effectively, stop procrastinating, or acquire skills to help you get the grades you want. Tutoring for chemistry, math and physics is also available to assist you in your pursuit of academic success at Baylor.
This month's list includes important information about academic success, financial aid, as well as academic advising and registration information.
It is time to register for spring classes and start preparing NOW for final exams! We hope that your fall semester is progressing exactly as you had hoped it would.
We hope you are continuing to enjoy the fall semester. October is a busy month around the Baylor campus. Thus, we hope this month's "to-do" list will help you balance all your academic and social responsibilities.
It is our hope that this monthly ― "to-do" list will make it easier for you to remember all those important academic success details as well as provide you with some helpful advice on things you can do to get your semester off to an incredible start. We are so glad you are here at Baylor!
No matter which summer semester you are attending, we realize classes are your first priority--summer sessions are quite intense--but you still need to take care of life's little details.
Because a summer session can be pretty intense, we have created this "to-do" list to help you stay on top of things.
About one more month of school, then finals, then summer! It's already time to register for your classes for this summer and/or upcoming fall. Can you believe you are almost done with this semester?
We hope you had a safe and rejuvenating Spring Break! Now it is time to get back to work on your academic pursuits. This month's to-do list is dedicated to information that will help you plan for your next semester at Baylor as well as assist you with a strong finish to the current one.
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