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US stalls on Sept. 11 trial for 5 at Gitmo 7/31/2010
Coast Guard allows toxic chemical use on Gulf oil 7/31/2010
Hacker builds $1,500 cell-phone tapping device 7/31/2010
Yellow lobster pulled from RI's Narragansett Bay 7/31/2010
3 inmates escape from northwest Arizona prison 7/31/2010
Brazilian men swapped at birth work, live together 7/31/2010
Rangel using 3-way defense against ethics charges 7/31/2010
Pete Carroll all smiles to begin new Seahawks era 7/31/2010
LA pushing to become nation's mass transit leader 7/31/2010
Admiral: US-led drills not about sending message 7/31/2010
Official: More than 800 dead in Pakistani floods 7/31/2010
Paperwork nightmare: A struggle to fix new law 7/31/2010
Obama decries GOP over small business lending bill 7/31/2010
Pay & Confirm: Financial Settlement due TODAY! 7/31/2010
Rams, top pick Bradford agree to $78 million deal 7/30/2010
Bill Clinton emerges on Chelsea's NY wedding eve 7/30/2010
Snooki of 'Jersey Shore' arrested in NJ beach town 7/30/2010
Woman with broken leg calls 911; Suspect collapses 7/30/2010
AP source: Yankees working to acquire Berkman 7/30/2010
Sarkozy threatens immigrants who target police 7/30/2010
Agency weighs skirting Congress on immigration 7/30/2010
South bakes, humidity feels like 100-plus degrees 7/30/2010
Store manager tells robber Jesus wouldn't approve 7/30/2010
M. Golf. Men's Golf Releases 2010-11 Schedule 7/30/2010
Inmate sues man he's convicted of burglarizing 7/30/2010
White House: Don't post more secret war papers 7/30/2010
AP source: Masoli accepts invite to visit Ole Miss 7/30/2010
FBI access to e-mail and Web records raises fears 7/30/2010
In Rhinebeck with Chelsea: Rocky Horror, cows 7/30/2010
Associated Baptist Press: Faith and Fitness: Divinity student joins worship, fitness discipline 7/30/2010
Baylor University Leads Coalition to Aid Parents and Professionals in Meeting Children's Needs 7/30/2010
Billing and OSS World: Tim McElligott Blog: Social Network Analysis -- Taking Cues from Television 7/30/2010
Dallas Morning News: Mark Osler: The slow fade of Len Bias' ghost 7/30/2010
Flying Magazine: Need a Vacation? Try the Dominican Republic 7/30/2010
How do you show your Baylor pride at work? 7/30/2010
KXXV-TV: Funding secured for national defense research at Baylor 7/30/2010
News 8 Austin: CAMM: Educators inspire kids with robotics 7/30/2010
The Washington Post: David Walls is overseeing the transition at the GPO to digital archiving 7/30/2010
The Washington Post: David Walls is overseeing the transition at the GPO to digital archiving 7/30/2010
Fed atty: Military secrets sold to pay for HI home 7/29/2010
Oswalt traded to Phillies; Tejada, Cantu also move 7/29/2010
Dems, GOP warily eye Arizona immigration ruling 7/29/2010
Police: Cheeseburger found in SC woman's gas tank 7/29/2010
Grizzly caught after MT mauling that killed MI man 7/29/2010
Football. FB Single-Game Tickets Now On Sale 7/29/2010
Football. FB Single-Game Tickets On Sale Aug. 2 7/29/2010
Oswalt approves deal, Astros trade ace to Phillies 7/29/2010
DC sniper claims conspirators in Shatner interview 7/29/2010
Raging Russian fires destroy homes, people flee 7/29/2010
Mo. ballot measures tests federal health care law 7/29/2010
W. Golf. Women's Golf Releases 2010-11 Schedule 7/29/2010
Obama talks race, pop culture on 'The View' 7/29/2010
FAA: Chelsea Clinton's wedding is a no-fly zone 7/29/2010
Saggy pants foolish but legal, NYC judge rules 7/29/2010
4 killed in plane crash at Alaska military base 7/29/2010
Panasonic to buy out Sanyo, Panasonic Electric 7/29/2010
Pakistan general balances all sides of conflict 7/29/2010
AP-Univision Poll: College dreams for Hispanics 7/29/2010
Baylor Homecoming and Parents Weekend Special Event Tickets To Go On Sale Aug. 2 7/29/2010 Young Ministers Speak to the Baptist Future 7/29/2010
LA Weekly: 'Missing White Woman Syndrome' Still A Bias For Southern California Media? 7/29/2010
Student-athletes keep on winning even over summer break 7/29/2010
The New York Times: Should Internet Gambling Be Legalized? 7/29/2010
Turbine Generator Magazine: Turbine Generator Maintenance announces new ownership 7/29/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor, MCC students can start saving big bucks with textbook rental programs 7/29/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Brazos Past: Famous Faces in Waco places -- politics edition 7/29/2010
Haynesworth must pass test, won't be with starters 7/28/2010
Company ramps up effort to clean Mich. river spill 7/28/2010
NYC looks to stop spreading bedbug infestations 7/28/2010
Giants' Wilson fined for wearing orange cleats 7/28/2010
Ship lost for more than 150 years is recovered 7/28/2010
Cross Country. XC Announces 2010 Schedule 7/28/2010
Congress narrows gap in cocaine sentences 7/28/2010
WikiLeaks: We don't know source of leaked data 7/28/2010
Sarkozy orders illegal Roma immigrants expelled 7/28/2010
When thieves hit, great-grandmother in Fla. bit 7/28/2010
Bear turns Goldilocks tale on its head in NH home 7/28/2010
Pitino arrives at courthouse for extortion trial 7/28/2010
Spanish region says adios to bullfighting 7/28/2010
AP Sources: Bengals reach deal with TO 7/28/2010
Ariz. sheriff: I'll jail immigration protesters 7/28/2010
ABC programming chief McPherson abruptly resigns 7/28/2010
Wildfires burn dozens of homes, force evacuations 7/28/2010
APNewsBreak: FBI scrutinized over test cheating 7/28/2010
China floods test massive Three Gorges Dam 7/28/2010
Woo joins cast of Chinese propaganda blockbuster 7/28/2010
Ethier's pinch single lifts Dodgers to 2-0 win 7/28/2010
Air Bear: Alum named president of American Airlines 7/28/2010
Baylor Law School to Hold Commencement Exercises July 31 7/28/2010
Killeen Daily Herald: Stress study focuses on soldiers, families 7/28/2010
News 8 Austin: Waco moving forward with downtown master plan 7/28/2010 Hope Yet for Mainline Denominations 7/28/2010
Texas Water Resources Institute: This is your stream. This is your stream on drugs. 7/28/2010
Yahoo Canada: Turbine Generator Maintenance (TGM) Announces New Ownership 7/28/2010
Yahoo Finance: Compadre Expands Sustainable Packaging Options With Coconut Fiber-Based Technology 7/28/2010
Without Strasburg, Nationals beat Braves 3-0 7/27/2010
Jury finds Texas man guilty of starving 3 children 7/27/2010
France declares war against al-Qaida 7/27/2010
Finger on posterior triggers knife fight in Dallas 7/27/2010
Jack Hanna wards off grizzly with pepper spray 7/27/2010
Utah court reverses polygamist leader convictions 7/27/2010
Lufthansa cargo plane crashes in Saudi Arabia 7/27/2010
AP Impact: Mexico justice means catch and release 7/27/2010
Hard-hitting former Raider Jack Tatum dies at 61 7/27/2010
Zedonk hybrid born at Ga. wildlife preserve 7/27/2010
Harsher language on concussions in new NFL poster 7/27/2010
M. Golf. Burk Returns as Men's Golf Assistant Coach 7/27/2010
With sweetness, soul, Aretha and Rice make music 7/27/2010
Matt Garza pitches 1st no-hitter in Rays history 7/27/2010
New Titanic expedition will create 3D map of wreck 7/27/2010
BP to replace CEO Hayward with Robert Dudley 7/27/2010
Dudley's path followed unusual turns to CEO of BP 7/27/2010
Natural gas could lead to new Lebanon-Israel war 7/27/2010
Poll: A few cracks in Obama's Hispanic support 7/27/2010
Hit list draws fire in wake of leaked US documents 7/27/2010
A look back at Bears on the Texas Supreme Court 7/27/2010
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: AMR's new president is focusing on the present, not the future 7/27/2010
KABC-TV (Los Angeles): Think cool: Hypnotic thoughts may reduce hot flashes, study reports 7/27/2010
KWTX-TV: Woman Named BU Provost For First Time In School's History 7/27/2010
M. Basketball. MBB Releases Non-Conference Schedule 7/27/2010 No Bad Days: Improving Patient Outcomes During Weekends and Off-Hours 7/27/2010
The Huffington Post: OPINION: Praying with the Shipping Clerk in Waco 7/27/2010
Waco Tribune Herald: Starr selects 3 new Baylor University vice presidents 7/27/2010
Matt Garza pitches 1st no-hitter in Rays history 7/26/2010
Daughter urges Okla. voters to not vote for father 7/26/2010
Vatican reverses itself, painting not a Caravaggio 7/26/2010
Police: Pa. mom cleaned bath with son's toothbrush 7/26/2010
Pelosi, McConnell give different views on stimulus 7/26/2010
Immigrant groups criticize fingerprint initiative 7/26/2010
Iowa teen known as 'Deer Magnet' after hitting 5 7/26/2010
Officials: Israeli helicopter crashes in Romania 7/26/2010
New gov't rules allow unapproved iPhone apps 7/26/2010
Full face transplant Spaniard displays new look 7/26/2010
Teamsters avoid Hollywood strike, approve contract 7/26/2010
UAE says BlackBerry is security threat 7/26/2010
No sign of Fidel Castro at Revolution Day event 7/26/2010
Obama's message to voters: Things could be worse 7/26/2010
Comic-Con closes after 4 days of pop culture fun 7/26/2010
Hamilton, Hunter lead Rangers over Angels 7/26/2010
Khmer Rouge's chief jailer guilty of war crimes 7/26/2010
Louis Prima gets posthumous Hollywood star 7/26/2010
AOL Small Business: Finding an Angel Investor: 5 Things You Need to Know 7/26/2010
Baylor President Ken Starr Announces Leadership Team Appointments 7/26/2010
Baylor prof elected president of Texas Association of Family and Consumer Sciences 7/26/2010
KAMR-TV (Amarillo): Kenneth Starr in Amarillo 7/26/2010
KVII-TV (Amarillo): Amarillo Baylor students meet and greet 7/26/2010
Parking maintenance notice 7/26/2010
Rise Up Baylor Nation 7/26/2010
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Wealthy Are Making Bigger Gifts to Charitable Causes, Chronicle Tally Shows 7/26/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor professors leading study on effects of deployment on military families 7/26/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: TriWaco triathlon: Overall champs claim comfortable victories 7/26/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Voices from Baylor campus: Ken Starr getting rave reviews so far 7/26/2010
Lopez hits go-ahead HR as Cardinals beat Cubs 7/25/2010
Medical device problems hurt 70,000+ kids annually 7/25/2010
Leaks provide ground-level account of Afghan war 7/25/2010
Arizona officials misidentify crash victims 7/25/2010
Ariz. law comes after years of mounting anger 7/25/2010
W. Soccer. Soccer Trio Claims National Title 7/25/2010
Chavez warns of US oil cutoff in Colombia dispute 7/25/2010
Jordanian police nab lettuce lady during protest 7/25/2010
Russia's Putin sings with expelled agents 7/25/2010
Geithner favors allowing some tax cuts to expire 7/25/2010
Reid rebounds but still faces uncertain future 7/25/2010
Floods close Chicago interstate, damage Iowa dam 7/24/2010
Kyle Busch rolls to 8th Nationwide win of season 7/24/2010
Figgins in M's lineup day after dugout scuffle 7/24/2010
For Obama, race means repeated distractions 7/24/2010
Obama urges liberals to 'keep up the fight' 7/24/2010
Medical marijuana to be OK in some VA clinics 7/24/2010
Idaho police dog back to work after suspension 7/24/2010
Alfred Molina to join new `Law & Order' series 7/24/2010
As attendance sags, is Brickyard losing luster? 7/24/2010
10 killed in mass panic at Germany's Love Parade 7/24/2010
Gadget makers forced to look at links to Congo war 7/24/2010
Dying faces, body bags: How trauma hits a US unit 7/24/2010
Canadian jet crashes during air show practice 7/24/2010
Obama and oil spill: Lessons from corporate world 7/24/2010
Beckett strong in return, Red Sox beat Mariners 7/24/2010
NKorea vows nuclear response to US-SKorea drills 7/24/2010
Rangel ethics charges create headache for allies 7/24/2010
Va senator calls for ending diversity programs 7/23/2010
Woman, 23, charged in Facebook-feud fatal crash 7/23/2010
Professor returns from vacation, gets 'foiled' 7/23/2010
Football. Briles to Speak at Youth Clinic 7/23/2010
Football. PHOTOS: Big 12 Football Media Day 7/23/2010
Colo. bear toots horn, takes car on short joyride 7/23/2010
Some insurers stop writing new coverage for kids 7/23/2010
Longtime journalist Daniel Schorr dies at age 93 7/23/2010
Mexico: Ancient woman suggests diverse migration 7/23/2010
Plane carrying 5 crashes in Lake Mich.; 1 rescued 7/23/2010
Singer Al Jarreau hospitalized in France 7/23/2010
1 dead, 42 injured as Swiss tourist train derails 7/23/2010
Pay czar: 17 bailed-out banks overpaid executives 7/23/2010
W. Equestrian. Equestrian Announces New Hires 7/23/2010
Competitive Cheer. Competitive Cheer To Debut In 2010-11 7/23/2010
Justin Bieber to guest star on CBS drama 'CSI' 7/23/2010
App helps San Fran police track stolen iPhone fast 7/23/2010
MLB begins testing for HGH in minor leagues 7/23/2010
Man decked out in Darth Vader mask robs NY bank 7/23/2010
Europe to go public with bank stress test results 7/23/2010
Dez Bryant agrees on terms of deal with Cowboys 7/23/2010
Biblical Recorder: Garland labels clergy misconduct abuse of power 7/23/2010
Communications of the ACM: Twitter to Textbooks: Professor Says Teachers Need to Use Social Media in Courses 7/23/2010
Communications of the ACM: Twitter to Textbooks: Professor Says Teachers Need to Use Social Media in Courses 7/23/2010
Fort Hood Sentinel: 263rd Maint Co helps school for at-risk teens 7/23/2010
National Business Leaders Bring Expertise to Strategic Planning Discussions During Baylor Regents July Retreat 7/23/2010
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Fiberart International weaves another fresh edition 7/23/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: 75-year-old Baylor biologist makes suburbia his lab 7/23/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: AUTISM in a new light 7/23/2010
Wichita Falls Times Record News: Former Soldier Honored 7/23/2010
Study: MTV leads in showing gay characters on TV 7/22/2010
Proposed federal rules target for-profit colleges 7/22/2010
Actor Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr marry 7/22/2010
Some Internet porn sites in China now accessible 7/22/2010
CA city seeks resignations of high-paid officials 7/22/2010
Senate Democrats abandon comprehensive energy bill 7/22/2010
NY man faces charges after tackling teen prankster 7/22/2010
Sister monument to Stonehenge may have been found 7/22/2010
Hello kitty: Baby leopards make Paris zoo debut 7/22/2010
6 dead in California Greyhound bus crash 7/22/2010
Dodgers' Torre, Kershaw, coach disciplined 7/22/2010
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie settle privacy claim 7/22/2010
Judge hears arguments on Arizona immigration law 7/22/2010
AP-Univision poll: Hispanic financial worries deep 7/22/2010
Hundreds of dead penguins dot Brazil's beaches 7/22/2010
Hundley, Padres outlast Braves 6-4 in 12 7/22/2010
Austin American Statesman: Beal: Fight back against another assault on Texas Open Meetings Act 7/22/2010
Baylor Music Student Helps Provides Opportunity For Nepali Music Teachers 7/22/2010
Cypress Sun: Scotton, Bears hungry for a bowl game 7/22/2010
Dallas Morning News: Tom Horton moves up ranks to become president at American Airlines, AMR 7/22/2010
Long tradition of Bears in Texas government continues today 7/22/2010
MORE: How to Beat the Top Perimenopause Symptoms 7/22/2010 CSVS 2010: The Staff and the Stuff 7/22/2010
Yahoo! News India: 'Cool' imagery lowers hot flashes in women nearing menopause 7/22/2010
Large dead jellyfish stings beachgoers in NH 7/21/2010
Foxy Brown arrested in NY over order of protection 7/21/2010
Ford will offer hybrid at same price as gas model 7/21/2010
Ralph Houk dies at 90; managed 2 champions 7/21/2010
Texas mom told 911 operator she killed 2 children 7/21/2010
As NYC area spreads, so do bears; NJ hunt approved 7/21/2010
Sherrod case shows power of conservative media 7/21/2010
DOJ: Prosecutor firing was politics, not crime 7/21/2010
Wis. candidate can't use controversial description 7/21/2010
Large China oil spill threatens sea life, water 7/21/2010
Judge in Conn.: Cheerleading not a college sport 7/21/2010
AP IMPACT: A political filter for info requests 7/21/2010
Scientists find most massive star ever discovered 7/21/2010
Ex-Romanian dictator Ceausescu and wife exhumed 7/21/2010
NHL rejects Kovalchuk's 17-year deal with Devils 7/21/2010
US announces new sanctions against North Korea 7/21/2010
Police: 2 killed in Russian power station attack 7/21/2010
GAO report: Mexico drug aid needs better oversight 7/21/2010
Associated Baptist Press: Baylor students learn about new models for orphan care in Africa 7/21/2010 With court reminder, Bears aim for Houston 7/21/2010
KWTX-TV: Griffin Nominated For Good Works Team 7/21/2010
Send-off Parties welcome students and their parents to the Baylor family 7/21/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Film crews keep bringing Waco to big screen 7/21/2010
Woman's Day: The Big M: Mind's Eye 7/21/2010
White Sox increase AL Central lead with shutout 7/20/2010
NATO says 4 dead in shooting at training range 7/20/2010
Police: Alleged freeway shooter was targeting ACLU 7/20/2010
Petition seeks to have wolves howl across US 7/20/2010
BP to sell assets for $7 billion to Apache 7/20/2010
Racial tensions roil NC school board; 19 arrests 7/20/2010
Tough GOP fight in Ga. for open governor's seat 7/20/2010
EPA takes new look at gas drilling, water issues 7/20/2010
Cubs manager Piniella retiring after season 7/20/2010
Obama, British PM: Bomber release not BP's doing 7/20/2010
USDA worker resigns over racism charge from video 7/20/2010
Glenn Beck: Doctor says eye disease could blind me 7/20/2010
Cruelty probe after parasailing donkey stunt 7/20/2010
China surpasses US as world's top energy consumer 7/20/2010
Spider-infested ship turned back from Guam landing 7/20/2010
Toyota subpoenaed by federal grand jury 7/20/2010
WTA Tour: SWilliams questionable for US Open 7/20/2010
Digital movie locker `UltraViolet' nears launch 7/20/2010
SEC chief appearing after Goldman deal 7/20/2010
Cardinals pound Kendrick, Phillies 8-4 7/20/2010
Intelligence director nominee faces a grilling 7/20/2010
AP-Univision Poll: US Hispanics mix hopes, strains 7/20/2010
Coping Skills of Military Families Focus of Research 7/20/2010
El Paso Times: El Pasoans go abroad to help others 7/20/2010 Priming people with Christian concepts induces racial prejudice 7/20/2010
Renaissance Scholars program offers top high schoolers a taste of Baylor life 7/20/2010
The Baptist Standard: Small-church leaders urged to answer the Hope 1:8 challenge 7/20/2010
The Therapy Lounge: Cool images during hypnotherapy reduce hot flashes 7/20/2010
Virgin Islands Stand Point: Calla Lily carves a creative niche 7/20/2010
Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor men's basketball to play twice on ESPN's 'Big Monday' 7/20/2010
Tea party group on defensive over blog about NAACP 7/19/2010
Court grants bail to jailed ex-media mogul Black 7/19/2010
Clinton urges review of decision to release Libyan 7/19/2010
Abducted Calif. girl, 7, placed with foster family 7/19/2010
RI, Ariz. immigrant measures diverge on key points 7/19/2010
Gun permit allows quick access to Texas Capitol 7/19/2010
Al-Qaida cleric: Yemen to be Obama's Afghanistan 7/19/2010
AIDS breakthrough: Gel helps prevent infection 7/19/2010
Rare Sri Lankan primate gets 1st wide-eyed closeup 7/19/2010
Syria bans face veils at universities 7/19/2010
Obama to GOP: Restore unemployment benefits now 7/19/2010
M. Basketball. MBB on Big Monday Twice in 2011 7/19/2010
New powers given to Russia's security agency 7/19/2010
North Korea expected to steal ASEAN spotlight 7/19/2010
Bill Clinton speaks at int'l AIDS conference 7/19/2010
Filipino singer undergoes cosmetic fix for `Glee' 7/19/2010
Study: Poverty, more than race, tied to HIV 7/19/2010
Alum braves 135-mile desert ultramarathon "for the kids" 7/19/2010
Baylor Music Professor Is Named Fellow of Hymn Society 7/19/2010 "Cool" Imagery Lower Hot Flashes Through Hypnotherapy 7/19/2010 Baylor's Griffin looks to lead Bears to new heights in Big 12 7/19/2010
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Two of top 2010 gifts have Minn. Ties 7/19/2010
The Arizona Republic: Whatchu talkin' 'bout? 7/19/2010
The Dallas Morning News: Dallas firefighter proud his son, police officer daughter followed him into service 7/19/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Left, right activists making life tough for House candidates Edwards, Flores 7/19/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Left, right activists making life tough for House candidates Edwards, Flores 7/19/2010
Yahoo! News India: Incorporating Twitter in academics 'can make teaching effective' 7/19/2010
Test-tube kids and cancer? Method unlikely a cause 7/18/2010
UK air show tests health of ailing aircraft market 7/18/2010
Microneedles may make getting flu shots easier 7/18/2010
Oakland pot-growing plan worries small bud tenders 7/18/2010
Hamas bans women from smoking water pipes in cafes 7/18/2010
No autos on the autobahn: Germans party on highway 7/18/2010
Woods faces 12-shot deficit heading to Open finale 7/18/2010
Strong earthquake shakes Alaska island region 7/18/2010
Zsa Zsa Gabor hospitalized with broken bones 7/17/2010
Biden's 2008 campaign told: Pay $219K to Treasury 7/17/2010
Idaho man accused of keeping rattlers in apartment 7/17/2010
Evidence of abduction found for missing SoCal teen 7/17/2010
Steinbrenner family mourns at Florida cemetery 7/17/2010
Police: Handcuffed man opened car door, escaped 7/17/2010
FDA cites quality problems at NY brain-imaging lab 7/17/2010
Biden's 2008 campaign fined $219K for violations 7/17/2010
Feds nab alleged PR drug lord after 10-year hunt 7/17/2010
Report: Paris Hilton caught with marijuana 7/17/2010
Before the grand ol' man, there was The Boss 7/17/2010
Iroquois passport dispute raises sovereignty issue 7/17/2010
Divers find 200-year old champagne in Baltic wreck 7/17/2010
Man with neo-Nazi ties leading patrols in AZ 7/17/2010
Dancing, laughing at Auschwitz: who has the right? 7/17/2010
Clinton off to Afghanistan as war fears rise 7/17/2010
Republicans square off in Arizona Senate debate 7/16/2010
Yankees remember Steinbrenner with tribute 7/16/2010
US analyst, wife sentenced for spying for Cuba 7/16/2010
Porn actors accused of killing Fla. tattoo artist 7/16/2010
36 arrested in Medicare scams totaling $251M 7/16/2010
NJ parking garage collapses; at least 1 trapped 7/16/2010
French scientists crack secrets of Mona Lisa 7/16/2010
Lucille Ball letters, awards to be sold at auction 7/16/2010
George Clooney radiates cool on witness stand 7/16/2010
APNewsBreak: Ex-Manchin aide tapped for Byrd seat 7/16/2010
Ice Age baby mammoth on display at French museum 7/16/2010
Pink taken to hospital after stage fall 7/16/2010
Minor earthquake rattles the DC area 7/16/2010
Elderly couple dies while trapped in home elevator 7/16/2010
Bear Foundation members "Rise Up" in record-breaking support of student-athletes 7/16/2010
NewsBlaze: From Textbooks to Twitter: Professor Says Teachers Need to Use Social Media in Courses 7/16/2010
North Adams Transcript (Massachusetts): Williams awards named chairs to four professors 7/16/2010
The Baptist Standard: Baylor named a "Best Buy" by college guide 7/16/2010
The Tampa Tribune: Cowboy church blends Gospel, horse training 7/16/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Lake Waco Wetlands temporarily dry 7/16/2010
White Sox take 1st game against Twins 7/15/2010
Federal prosecution of immigrants soared in spring 7/15/2010
Standing room only at Stanford sitting risks event 7/15/2010
'American Idol' season 10 underway in Nashville 7/15/2010
Experts work to free buried ship hull at WTC site 7/15/2010
Goldman to pay $550M to settle civil fraud charges 7/15/2010
Cops: NJ woman made up carjacking, car-sex crash 7/15/2010
At least 20 killed in bombings in southeast Iran 7/15/2010
Lawyer: Some CIA interrogation tactics not OK'd 7/15/2010
Madrid zoo bids to buy Octopus Oracle from Germany 7/15/2010
Argentina legalizes gay marriage in historic vote 7/15/2010
Woods favored for 3rd Open win at St. Andrews 7/15/2010
Experimental diet pill shows promise, little risk 7/15/2010
Alleluia Conference Brings Ministers From Across The Nation To Study and Celebrate Christian Music 7/15/2010
From Textbooks to Twitter: Baylor University Assistant Professor Says Teachers Need to Use Social Media in Courses 7/15/2010
Government Executive: Setting the TSP Record Straight 7/15/2010
Innovations Report: "Cool" Imagery Lower Hot Flashes Through Hypnotherapy 7/15/2010
KRLD-AM: Missing Women of Different Races Receive Differing Coverage from Media 7/15/2010
Newsblaze: National Inquirers: Sociologists Study America's Protagonists of the Paranormal 7/15/2010
Starrs get their Line jerseys with incoming freshmen at Line Camp in Independence 7/15/2010
Waco Tribune Herald: David A. Smith: Waco needs more conversation about arts 7/15/2010
Waco Tribune Herald: Titans RB Johnson edges Baylor's Griner for ESPY nod 7/15/2010
Report: Amputations without anesthesia in NKorea 7/14/2010
Drew Brees wins 4 ESPY Awards 7/14/2010
Brief for 9 states backs Arizona immigration law 7/14/2010
Woman finds out LeBron pendant worth nearly $10K 7/14/2010
Cheney recuperating after heart surgery last week 7/14/2010
Angle says campaign to defeat Reid God's 'calling' 7/14/2010
Man at border: Ankle monitor is support for Lohan 7/14/2010
Braves acquire Alex Gonzalez from Blue Jays 7/14/2010
Police say gas cans, wires in NJ car not a bomb 7/14/2010
New WH report claims more jobs from stimulus bill 7/14/2010
Gibbs' remark about House draws fire from Pelosi 7/14/2010
Restored Da Vinci painting reveals hidden details 7/14/2010
Univ. of Texas to mull taking Klansman off dorm 7/14/2010
Piers Morgan likely successor to Larry King at CNN 7/14/2010
Wade says hardest part of rebuilding Heat is over 7/14/2010
Airline fees make it hard to shop for best deal 7/14/2010
Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston say they're engaged 7/14/2010
APNewsBreak: Cruz, Bardem marry in the Bahamas 7/14/2010
Steinbrenner remembered for his bluster, charity 7/14/2010
Iran: Nuclear scientist on his way home 7/14/2010
Watchdog: Small banks struggling despite bailouts 7/14/2010
Senate hearing finally set for intelligence chief 7/14/2010
Utah agencies probe alleged illegal immigrant list 7/14/2010
9 killed, 10 missing as typhoon lashes Philippines 7/14/2010
Baylor to launch new Fine Arts LLC this fall 7/14/2010
Dayton News: Educators attend state convention 7/14/2010
Football. Griffin Named To O'Brien Watch List 7/14/2010
Griner nominated for ESPY, featured in Texas Monthly 7/14/2010 Four Professors at Williams College Receive Named Chairs 7/14/2010
KVUE-TV: Travis County Commissioners consider alternative therapy program to help employees stop smoking 7/14/2010
New Zealand Herald: Zombies to rise once again on big screen 7/14/2010
Science Daily: 'Cool' Imagery Lowers Hot Flashes Through Hypnotherapy 7/14/2010
Times Daily: Soaring with Eagles 7/14/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Streamlining of PTSD guidelines is overdue, recognizes changes in warfare 7/14/2010
McCann comes up big, NL finally wins All-Star game 7/13/2010
NAACP accuses tea party of tolerating bigotry 7/13/2010
More cops charged in post-Katrina bridge shootings 7/13/2010
Pa. dog trapped in hot car honks to alert owner 7/13/2010
Alleged 'Barefoot Bandit' returns to the US 7/13/2010
Federal budget gap tops $1 trillion through June 7/13/2010
4-time Texas lotto winner rich with money, mystery 7/13/2010
Italy nabs 300 mobsters, reveals new mob structure 7/13/2010
Ex-NFL star Taylor pleads not guilty to NY rape 7/13/2010
Obama nominates Jacob Lew as budget director 7/13/2010
UK: Anna Chapman's citizenship, passport revoked 7/13/2010
Stamos testifies in extortion trial of Mich. pair 7/13/2010
AP source: Yankees' George Steinbrenner dies at 80 7/13/2010
Missing Iranian scientist surfaces in Washington 7/13/2010
7 Cuban political prisoners arrive in Spain 7/13/2010
Lebanese general seeks court record in Hariri case 7/13/2010
17 dead, 44 missing as landslides hit China towns 7/13/2010
Obama HIV/AIDS plan calls for reducing infections 7/13/2010
Age of Autism: Show Me Vaccines are Safe! - The Importance of the Supreme Court and Bruesewitz v. Wyeth 7/13/2010
Allentown (PA) Morning Call: Retirement doesn't have to be taxing project 7/13/2010
Baylor Study Finds "Cool" Imagery Lower Hot Flashes Through Hypnotherapy 7/13/2010
Baylor University Receives Keep Texas Beautiful Award 7/13/2010
Inside Higher Ed: Teaching vs. Research 7/13/2010
KWBU-FM: With "Endings" Made, Local Filmmaker Works To Get Movie In Front Of Audiences 7/13/2010
Music prof applies lessons from sports to teaching a musical instrument 7/13/2010
The Florence Times Daily (AL): Soaring with Eagles 7/13/2010
David Ortiz wins HR Derby with 11-homer final 7/12/2010
Cavs owner disagrees with Jackson about LeBron 7/12/2010
Republican senator says he backs birther lawsuits 7/12/2010
AP Enterprise: Fiorina faces fundraising challenge 7/12/2010
Gingrich says he's considering presidential run 7/12/2010
Bunny bid: Hefner offers to buy rest of Playboy 7/12/2010
Reno police: Microwaved squid leaves 2 queasy 7/12/2010
W. Tennis. Women's Tennis Adds Two Signees 7/12/2010
Police: 6 dead, 4 wounded in Albuquerque shooting 7/12/2010
Consumer Reports won't recommend iPhone 4 7/12/2010
Fed looks for ways to aid small business lending 7/12/2010
Ubaldo Jimenez, David Price to start All-Star game 7/12/2010
A public engagement: Santana proposes onstage 7/12/2010
World Cup winners arrive home in Spain for fiesta 7/12/2010
Bear Foundation: Record-Breaking Year 7/12/2010
Octopus oracle Paul to retire 7/12/2010
NKorea, US-led UN Command to meet over sinking 7/12/2010
Alzheimer's advances show need for better drugs 7/12/2010
Chinese officials must report personal assets 7/12/2010
Rev. Schuller's daughter assumes lead pastor role 7/12/2010
Baylor Science Program Gives High School Students Unique Opportunity 7/12/2010
Financial Times: The rise of a new generation of Mormons 7/12/2010
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Baylor University President Ken Starr says winning sports teams are crucial 7/12/2010
KRZI-AM 1660ESPN: Interview with Baylor President Ken Starr 7/12/2010
Movie sparks look at Baylor's role in prosecuting the Watergate scandal 7/12/2010
Native Plant Society of Texas: Mountain cedar - does it deserve such disdain? 7/12/2010
USA TODAY: New 'animal studies' courses look at culture, not biology 7/12/2010
FDA to review first of 3 new weight loss drugs 7/11/2010
Debt commission leaders paint gloomy picture 7/11/2010
LA police teach Marines how to train Afghan police 7/11/2010
More than 20 deaths feared after blasts in Uganda 7/11/2010
Carmelo Anthony, actress LaLa Vazquez wed in NYC 7/11/2010
Rev. Schuller retiring from Crystal Cathedral 7/11/2010
Spain and Netherlands even at 0-0 after 60 minutes 7/11/2010
Obama spokesman says Democrats could lose House 7/11/2010
Holder raises question on Sept. 11 death penalty 7/11/2010
Napolitano meets with Brewer at governors meeting 7/11/2010
Conn. land dug up for items from tribe-settler war 7/11/2010
Revered Yankees PA man Bob Sheppard dies at 99 7/11/2010
Vt. scrap-wood dinosaur posing modern-day problem 7/11/2010
Oil claims: 6 months of payments per each request 7/11/2010
World Cup final fever grips Netherlands, Spain 7/11/2010
LeBron's 'Decision' watched by nearly 10M people 7/11/2010
Kennedy's clout could grow on high court 7/11/2010
Bosnians mark 15 years since Srebrenica massacre 7/11/2010
Carrie Underwood marries hockey player Mike Fisher 7/11/2010
World Cup: Spain or Netherlands to get 1st title 7/10/2010
New photos of smiling Fidel Castro posted on Web 7/10/2010
Toyota lashed out at instructor during big recall 7/10/2010
European Space Agency looking closely at asteroid 7/10/2010
Baghdad kills 58,000 stray dogs in 3-month span 7/10/2010
NM man set on fire after losing drinking bet 7/10/2010
Germany beats Uruguay for 3rd place, 3-2 7/10/2010
NY woman questioned again and again over ID mix-up 7/10/2010
LeBron's mural coming down in Cleveland 7/10/2010
Mont. group shuts down cannabis caravans 7/10/2010
France upsets defending champ Spain in Davis Cup 7/10/2010
Iran to review woman's stoning verdict 7/10/2010
Value of oil skimming Gulf flotilla is uncertain 7/10/2010
FDA review spotlights heart risk of diabetes pill 7/10/2010
Biden tells Leno US did fine in Russian spy swap 7/9/2010
FAA tells airlines to fix cockpit window heaters 7/9/2010
Seattle's Cliff Lee traded to Texas 7/9/2010
US began deliberating spy swap well before arrests 7/9/2010
Police: 'Barefoot Bandit' may have fled Bermuda 7/9/2010
Timid on taxes? Not in Minnesota governor's race 7/9/2010
French team performs face transplant with eyelids 7/9/2010
'Wonder Woman' actress beats barking dog charge 7/9/2010
Roy Rogers auction in NYC offers Trigger's remains 7/9/2010
Octopus oracle picks Spain to win World Cup 7/9/2010
Google says Beijing renews China license 7/9/2010
GOP leaders let demagogues set tone, lawmaker says 7/9/2010
DOJ reviews Mass. rulings on fed gay marriage ban 7/9/2010 A Closer Look: Ernest Smith 7/9/2010
Chicago Tribune: Retirement doesn't have to be taxing project 7/9/2010
Hays Free Press (Kyle, Texas): Blockin' Bear: Breyfogle returns from Baylor with many accolades 7/9/2010
KWBU: "Endings" Embodies Challenges, Excitement in Creating Independent Films 7/9/2010 Missing Women Receive Differing Media Coverage, Based on Race 7/9/2010
Texas Observer: There's Something in the Water 7/9/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Let's all help make Baylor's bid to pack football stands a success this year 7/9/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Slave cemetery in Marlin set for official dedication 7/9/2010
Presbyterian leaders approves gay clergy policy 7/8/2010
J&J sales plunge as new drug recall announced 7/8/2010
Officer convicted in Calif. train station killing 7/8/2010
Drama builds at LeBron James' free-agency choice 7/8/2010
Larry King, wife withdraw divorce filings in LA 7/8/2010
W. Golf. Chambers Named NGCA All-American Scholar 7/8/2010
Mel Gibson is focus of domestic violence inquiry 7/8/2010
APNewsBreak: $500K donated to Ariz. to defend law 7/8/2010
Georgia claims it has world's oldest person, 130 7/8/2010
M. Basketball. Dunn Named to USA Select Men's Team 7/8/2010
Russian, US spy suspects brace for possible swap 7/8/2010
Capsule look at the teams pursuing LeBron James 7/8/2010
Newbie `Glee,' late-night shows add Emmy suspense 7/8/2010
Officials: 3 arrested in Norway al-Qaida bomb plot 7/8/2010
INSIDE WASHINGTON: Study often replaces crackdowns 7/8/2010
Don Johnson wins verdict in 'Nash Bridges' case 7/8/2010
2 missing after barge capsizes duck boat in Philly 7/8/2010
Church: Cuba agrees to free 52 political prisoners 7/8/2010
El Paso Times: New preacher says El Paso is future face of denomination 7/8/2010
Inside Higher Ed: Animal Studies Beyond Biology 7/8/2010
KWBU-FM: Baylor Law Professor Examines Kagan Hearings 7/8/2010
Missing Women of Different Races Receive Differing Coverage from Media 7/8/2010
National Inquirers: Baylor University Sociologists Study America's Protagonists of the Paranormal 7/8/2010
Psychology Today: Does religious belief make you more racist? 7/8/2010
State, national honors honor Baylor's effort to 'go green' 7/8/2010
USA Today: OPINION: When sexual freedom trumps freedom of religion 7/8/2010
IMF raises world growth forecast but risks rising 7/7/2010
'Person of interest' in Mo. abduction shoots self 7/7/2010
Mexico, Texas evacuate homes as Rio Grande floods 7/7/2010
Barge hits tourist duck boat in Philly; 2 missing 7/7/2010
Arrest made in LA 'Grim Sleeper' serial killings 7/7/2010
Cops: Man holds his mom hostage for not ironing 7/7/2010
Russian spy claims swap in works for spies in US 7/7/2010
Obama bypasses Senate for new Medicare chief 7/7/2010
Bad set of teeth end negotiations for sex in Fla. 7/7/2010
Early humans ventured further north than thought 7/7/2010
ESPN reports Bosh joining Wade in Miami 7/7/2010
Iran offers modest new haircut guidelines for men 7/7/2010
States honor drunken driving victims with signs 7/7/2010
Germany-Spain feels more like a World Cup final 7/7/2010
At Harvard Law, Kagan was fundraiser in chief 7/7/2010 Brenau adds VP, strengthens provost position 7/7/2010
Baylor Law School Assistant Dean Receives President's Award of Merit from TYLA 7/7/2010
Christianity Today: Books and Culture 7/7/2010
Corpus Christi Caller: Local man delivers Edward Douglass White Lectures 7/7/2010
July 2010 To-Do List 7/7/2010
KRLD-AM (Dallas): Ken Starr on Elena Kagan 7/7/2010
KWBU-FM: Baylor Athletes Aid Jigger Victims On African Mission 7/7/2010
Nontraditional Baylor Student Awarded $5,000 Hogg Foundation Scholarship to Work in Mental Health 7/7/2010
Orange County Register: Couples therapy goes online 7/7/2010 Snell Vice President Named One of "40 Under 40" 7/7/2010
WCSH-TV (Portland, ME): Williams College Professor Ed Burger 7/7/2010
Young grad shares his testimony after miraculously surviving 4-story fall 7/7/2010
AP IMPACT: Gulf awash in 27,000 abandoned wells 7/6/2010
EPA: Clean-air rule would overturn Bush-era plan 7/6/2010
DA: Pa. woman may keep corpses if she builds crypt 7/6/2010
W. Basketball. WBB Announces Non-Conference Schedule 7/6/2010
Feds sue to block Arizona illegal immigrant law 7/6/2010
AP Source: Feds suing to stop Ariz. immigrant law 7/6/2010
AP Analysis: Economic stress is easing more slowly 7/6/2010
Spain shrugs off bad economy, launches bull runs 7/6/2010
Elizabeth plans brief visit to NYC, ground zero 7/6/2010
Australia: East Timor could process asylum seekers 7/6/2010
Mass march for captive soldier divides Israel 7/6/2010
Dutch staying in the World Cup present 7/6/2010
CIA and Pakistan locked in aggressive spy battles 7/6/2010
Feingold faces unexpectedly tough race 7/6/2010
Post office plans to announce new rate increase 7/6/2010
President Starr Appoints Institutional Advancement Task Force 7/6/2010
Student activities' creativity leads to top honors at international competition 7/6/2010
The New York Times: OPINION: The Pitfalls in Identifying a Gifted Child 7/6/2010
The New York Times: You Say God Is Dead? There's an App for That 7/6/2010
Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor wants football fans to 'rise up' in wake of Big 12 scare 7/6/2010
Waco Tribune Herald: Is buying American always best? Patriotic purchases have economic impact 7/6/2010
Yahoo! News: Why do we fight, honey? 7/6/2010
Stoudemire agrees to sign with Knicks 7/5/2010
Paris couture blooms with colorful gowns from Dior 7/5/2010
Task force urges bone-density tests for more women 7/5/2010
Manson follower faces parole board for 19th time 7/5/2010
Health overhaul first provisions start to kick in 7/5/2010
Hot enough for ya? Temps soar to near 100 in East 7/5/2010
Chavanel wins Tour de France stage, takes lead 7/5/2010
Chess icon Fischer's body exhumed over paternity 7/5/2010
Derided no more, suburban life is turning serious 7/5/2010
Chat Recap With Ian McCaw 7/5/2010
Twins' Mauer top vote-getter for All-Star game 7/4/2010
NYC airport terminal reopens after false alarm 7/4/2010
DEA: Seized submarine quantum leap for narcos 7/4/2010
Horses take off, injure 24 people at Iowa parade 7/4/2010
Cleveland might feel economic pinch without LeBron 7/4/2010
Fireworks to highlight July Fourth celebrations 7/4/2010
Wyoming threatens to sell prime Grand Teton land 7/4/2010
McCain: Steele must assess his future as GOP head 7/4/2010
Lebanon's top Shiite cleric Fadlallah dies at 75 7/4/2010
Harvick wins wild race at Daytona 7/4/2010
NY contest blends US love of hot dogs, competition 7/4/2010
Nowitzki's adviser: Dirk staying in Dallas 7/3/2010
Police: NY man blows off arm with party fireworks 7/3/2010
Drug war fears cast pall across Mexican elections 7/3/2010
Ecuadorians, DEA seize drug-smuggling submarine 7/3/2010
State and local gov't workers' job security fades 7/3/2010
World Cup: Villa gives Spain 1-0 win over Paraguay 7/3/2010
Appeals court orders new hearing for detainee 7/3/2010
Man charged in boat crash near Statue of Liberty 7/3/2010
Colombian cops find World Cup _ made of cocaine 7/3/2010
World Cup: Germany beats Argentina, 4-0 7/3/2010
VP Biden arrives in Iraq amid political impasse 7/3/2010
US largely ruling out NKorea in 2009 cyberattacks 7/3/2010
Nigeria: 12 foreign sailors kidnapped by pirates 7/3/2010
Spain goes for semifinal breakthrough 7/3/2010
Clinton arrives in Poland to promote democracy 7/3/2010
Congo: Red Cross says 204 dead in oil explosion 7/3/2010
First ask what to tell: Gates tightens media rules 7/3/2010
Suspect in killing of 2 Fla. officers surrenders 7/2/2010
Moynihan, as Nixon aide, warned of global warming 7/2/2010
Earnhardt drives No. 3 to Daytona victory 7/2/2010
Lawyer: NY spy suspect's dad told her to see cops 7/2/2010
Kelsey Grammer, wife, ending 13-year marriage 7/2/2010
Paris Hilton seen in South African courtroom 7/2/2010
Uruguay beats Ghana 4-2 in penalty shootout 7/2/2010
Children of accused spies confront identity crisis 7/2/2010
Thomas Jefferson made slip in Declaration 7/2/2010
GOP chairman: Afghan 'war of Obama's choosing' 7/2/2010
Netherlands shocks Brazil 2-1 7/2/2010
Obama, others arrive for Byrd memorial in W.Va. 7/2/2010
Janet Jackson performs at Essence in New Orleans 7/2/2010
Apple `stunned' to find iPhones show too many bars 7/2/2010
Travolta thanks Fla. fans for demanding 'Grease' 7/2/2010
Nadal heads cast of Wimbledon semifinalists 7/2/2010
Schwarzenegger orders min wage for state workers 7/2/2010
Health overhaul may mean longer ER waits, crowding 7/2/2010
James gets visitors, and Gay gets a big contract 7/2/2010
Palin center stage in politics, but what of 2012? 7/2/2010
Group to show car that can be driven by the blind 7/2/2010
Essence Fest helps sustain New Orleans amid spill 7/2/2010
No bucks, no boom for the Fourth 7/2/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: BRIC research center on way to $2.3 million earmark 7/2/2010
A sneak peek at the Class of 2014 7/2/2010
Baylor Modifies Hours to Observe Independence Day 7/2/2010
Baylor University To Test Emergency Notification Systems Tuesday 7/2/2010
Channel 25: Baylor named "Best Buy" in college guide 7/2/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: BRIC research center on way to $2.3 million earmark 7/2/2010
House-OK'd war funding bill faces Senate trouble 7/1/2010
Source: Chelsea Clinton to marry in upstate NY 7/1/2010
Police explain reasons for reopening Gore case 7/1/2010
Cars with wings may be just around the corner 7/1/2010
Nets owner, Jay-Z, Knicks make pitch to LeBron 7/1/2010
AZ cops expect scrutiny of immigration enforcement 7/1/2010
Lawmakers pass $20M settlement for kidnapped girl 7/1/2010
Naomi Campbell subpoenaed in war crimes case 7/1/2010
Free show by Jimmy Buffett along Alabama coast 7/1/2010
When court adjourns, NY judge plays in rock band 7/1/2010
Byrd to lie in repose in his beloved Senate 7/1/2010
Baylor named a 'Best Buy' for fifth straight year 7/1/2010
BU 31st in Directors' Cup Standings 7/1/2010
BU 31st in Directors' Cup Standings 7/1/2010

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