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Experience Beyond the Classroom

Baylor Chemistry and Biochemistry is an energetic community of scholars who are pursuing world-class research.

  • Undergraduate students are encouraged to join one of the department's active research groups and conduct independent research.
  • Graduate students are involved at every level of the research process and have high access to their major professor.

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Caring, Knowledgeable Faculty

A commitment to each individual's success is a hallmark of a Baylor education. This combines with the tremendous expertise of the faculty, fostering an environment of discovery and collaboration. Such mentoring gives our students an edge in academic and professional pursuits.

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Outstanding Academic Resources and Technology

The Baylor Sciences Building houses the Chemistry and Biochemistry department. In addition to classrooms and offices, the building includes research laboratories, state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation, and informal areas where students and faculty can interact with each other, fostering a culture of discovery.

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