Jun. 20, 2020
Meet a Mentor: Incoming Freshman Mentorship Program
PreHealth Mentors is a group of upperclassmen PreHealth students who are responsible for mentoring other PreHealth students, creating and providing resources to support PreHealth students, and integrating freshmen into the PreHealth community.
Mar. 21, 2020
The Office of Prehealth is closed on campus in compliance with Waco's Shelter in Place order. Students can speak with an advisor via Zoom.
The Office of Prehealth Studies is not taking in person appointments at this time and has limited ability to answer phone calls or check voicemail. Students can speak with advisors via Zoom Monday-Friday.
Oct. 3, 2019
Learning to Fight
Baylor University and the Baylor College of Medicine’s (BCM) National School of Tropical Medicine (NSTM) work together to fight neglected diseases that prey on the world’s most vulnerable.
Apr. 25, 2017
Teaching Students How to Make the Hard Choices
John Bedolla has dedicated his career to understanding how people make choices. An expert in diagnosing rare and unpredictable diseases, he develops evidence-based decision-making strategies — what he calls software for the brain — that doctors use to solve difficult problems. john-bedolla “The most powerful tool in medicine is the clinician’s mind,” said Bedolla, assistant director of research education and assistant professor of emergency medicine at Dell Medical School. “New technologies, tests, and procedures — those might affect clinical outcomes 10 or 20 percent of the time. But if you can change a doctor’s cognitive approach to care, you can improve the outcomes of every patient they see.”

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