Campus Events

The Chamber has also promoted several other beneficial campus activities.

- Diadeloso, originally known as May Day, then Play Day and All University Day, was founded in 1934 and transferred to Chamber control in the early 1940's. The name Diadeloso was adopted following a campus name contest in 1966. Diadeloso changed to its present format in 1983.

Parents Weekend
- In 1960, a special day was designated to introduce the University to Baylor parents. By 1970, the event had become a full weekend known as Parents Weekend, featuring a student talent show, a parent-faculty coffee, a dinner on the grounds, and other events designed to show parents the best of Baylor. The Spring of 1974 marked the introduction of a Spring Parents Weekend, which became Spring Preview Weekend.

Counselors' Symposium
- The Spring of 1971 marked the introduction of Counselors' Symposium, designed to bring high school counselors to the Baylor campus in order to expose them and their students to Baylor University.

Other Activities
- The Fall of 1991 brought the control of the coordination of Freshman Runs to the Chamber. Previously, the Chamber assisted the Sophomore Class in operating this event. Other activities include the sale of Slime Caps (1920), the Card Section (1952-1989), Football Program Sales (1960), Baylor University Athletic Hall of Fame (1960), Bear Bash (1968), the Baylor Faculty Jamboree (1990), the Robert L. Reid Distinguished Lecture Series (1992), and Banners, as well as many other projects to help meet the needs of the Baylor Community.

Other Campus Projects:

Career Day
Intramural Track Meet
New Faculty Reception
Winter Premiere
Baylor Line
Campus Marquee
Pit Happens
Sound System
Volleyball Standards
Twister Board