Business for Secondary Education with Teacher Certification

Business Undergraduate Programs

Degree Plan

I. General Studies 39 - 42 hours
REL 1310 The Christian Scriptures
REL 1350 The Christian Heritage
ENG 1302 Thinking and Writing
ENG 1304 Thinking, Writing, and Research
HIS 1305 World History to 1500, or 1307 World History since 1500, or 2365 History of the US to 1877, or 2366 History of the US since 1877, or ECO 1301 Economic and Business History
MTH 1308* Precalculus for Business Students
MTH 1309 Calculus for Business Students
PSC 2302 American Constitutional Development
CSS 1302 Introduction to Computer Science Education
ECO 2306 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 2307 Principles of Macroeconomics
HED 1145 Health and Human Behavior
LF (1 hour credit)
TED 2380 Educational Thought in the Western World, TED 2381 American Educational Thought, or TED 3380 Social Issues in Education
Lab Science (4 hours credit)
Chapel (2 semesters)
Choose one course from the following: 3 hours
GTX 2301 The Intellectual Tradition of the Ancient World
GTX 2302 The Medieval Intellectual Tradition
ENG 2301 British Literature
Fine Art
II. Professional Education Courses 43 hours
TED 1112 Instructional Technology Lab or TED 2112 Introduction to Teaching I
TED 2340 Teaching in Secondary Schools
TED 3340 Teaching Associate Secondary Part I and TED 3398 Secondary Business Practicum I (fall)**
TED 3341 Teaching Associate Secondary Part II and TED 3399 Secondary Business Practicum II (spring)**
TED 43XX***
TED 4640 and TED 4641 Internship Secondary Parts I, II (fall)**
TED 4642 and TED 4643 Internship Secondary Parts III, IV (spring)**
III. Business Core Courses 42 hours
BUS 1101 Connecting to HSB and 1201 Introduction to Business
BUS 3315 Integrated Business Writing
BUS 4385 Strategic Management
ACC 2303 Financial Accounting
ACC 2304 Managerial Accounting
QBA 2302 Business Data Analysis I
QBA 2305 Business Data Analysis II
MIS 1305 Introduction to Information Technology and Processing
MIS 3305 Management Information Systems
BL 3305 Legal Environment of Business
FIN 3310 Introduction to Financial Management
MKT 3305 Principles of Marketing
MGT 3305 Organizational Behavior
MGT 3325 Operations Management
Total Degree Requirement: 124 - 127 hours
* if required
** Must be taken concurrently and in sequence
*** Has not yet been determined

Additional Information

For more information regarding the Public Administration major, please contact Dr. John Knue.

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