Professional Selling at Baylor

Dedicated to excellence in sales education and based in the university's Hankamer School of Business, the Center for Professional Selling is recognized as one of the premier global information resources for the sales profession. (LEARN MORE)

"Baylor's Center for Professional Selling program is second to none. It is truly an exemplary, 'best in class' educational program. Few programs are able to come close to matching its faculty's focus on individual professional development."

Candace Mailand
Corporate Partner - 3M

"We've had numerous conversations with sales departments at a variety of schools nationwide and they have all referred to Baylor with the most respect. It's clear that [Baylor's ProSales] students are able to make an impact."

Demian Caponi

"Every [ProSales] student I come in contact with presents themselves in the most professional manner possible. Every time I am around the Baylor [ProSales students], my confidence in our future is bolstered."

Jack Trimm
Advisory Board Member - Afflink

"Baylor ProSales students are bright, talented, dedicated to their studies, and committed to being the best salespeople they can be. They support their communities and believe/want to make a difference in the world."

Max Lazovick
Advisory Board Member - Korn Ferry

"The ProSales Program has enabled me to gain unique and impressive experience that will stand out on my resume. My ProSales experience will surely separate me from the majority of other graduating student athletes."

Collin Brence
Professional Selling Student

"The talent in the Baylor's ProSales Program is unmatched; it is impressive to see such an amazing group of students graduate each year ready and fully equipped to take on the next steps of their career."

Hannah Kroening
Professional Selling Alumnus - Oracle

"ProSales has prepared me for a career in the business world in so many ways. Through sales competitions, networking events, and job shadows, I have gained the confidence to interact with business professionals in all levels of an organization."

Olivia Offringa
Professional Selling Student

"The young professionals in the Baylor Professional Selling Program are at a level of maturity, responsibility and experience that I have not seen in any other University Program. ProSales students continue to meet the needs of a dynamic business environment."

Ken Merbler
Advisory Board Member - Brikell Consulting Group

"The Professional Selling program has allowed me to get a head start on my peers. The ProSales program has also taught me that it is crucial to be myself in the business world, which includes bringing my Christian values into the workplace."

Robert McCandlish
Professional Selling Student

"Baylor's Professional Selling students are some of the most sought out graduates I have seen."

Christopher Roberts
Advisory Board Member - AXA Advisors

"Being a member of the Professional Selling Program has challenged me to search within myself for new strengths and grow immensely as I prepare for my future."

Valerie Vaughn
Professional Selling Student

"Professional Selling isn't just a major, it's a lifestyle. Most college students work to receive a degree; we are working to change the future of business to glorify Christ."

Hunter Hendrickson
Professional Selling Student