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Baylor Bears Learned Lessons in Leadership from Their Time as Mascot
Three generations of Baylor mascots met in Professor Rachel Woods’ Leadership and Organizational class to share what they learned while being a mascot.

To Start 2017, Here Are Tips From an Insider on Turning Around a Toxic Group
D Healthcare Daily: Professor Gary Carini penned this helpful piece about organizational toxicity and methods one can take to reduce it.

8 Scheduling Hacks to 10X Your Productivity
Inc. Magazine: This guest columnist details several studies that offer productivity tips and insights. Cited in this list is research by Baylor professors of management, Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu, on the best time of a work day to take a break.

Baylor Students Take Home Second at National Undergraduate Supply Chain and Operations Case Competition
Baylor University's team earned second place in the Supply Chain Management Association’s (SCMA) 3rd Annual National Undergraduate Supply Chain and Operations Case Competition hosted by Arizona State.

Lee’s Summit Woman Becomes First African-American Miss Missouri USA
The Kansas City Star: Baylor Business alumnus, Bayleigh Dayton (BBA in Management, '14), became the first African-American woman to win the Miss Missouri USA title and will advance to the Miss USA Pageant in 2017.

Benefits of Mutual Respect
Business Review Podcast: From the warehouse to the C-suite, seeing all employees as valuable and deserving of respect builds trust, and positively impacts customer service too. For one startup's CEO, investing in the company's employees has lead to ingenious benefits.

The Art of Taking Breaks at Work
Van Winkle's: An article that explores and references research on workplace breaks and productivity by associate professors of Management, Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu.

The Right Thing to Do
Business Review Podcast: Patrick Gage, co-chair of the Nexus Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Working Group, says businesses have a moral imperative to see employees as more than a commodity sourced at cheap cost. He knows firsthand the rewards of due diligence in supply chain transparency.

As Healthcare Execs Stress Over 'Competition From Other Providers,' A Remedy For 'Cognitive Tunneling'
D Healthcare Daily: An article about 'cognitive tunneling' written by professor of Management and associate dean for Graduate Business Programs.

Your Job Could Be Ruining Your Relationship
Yahoo! News: This article credits a study by Dawn Carlson, the H.R. Gibson Chair of Organizational Development, which links workplace hostility to relationship troubles.

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