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Kempner: Trump's Management Style? Burn the Textbook
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Interviewed in this piece on President Trump's management style in The White House is professor of entrepreneurship, Peter Klein, who shares that the President's style of leadership is both a departure from predecessors, and at odds with advice from management textbooks.

Video: Benefits of Workday Breaks
WBOC-TV (CBS): This clip features research by management professors Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu which reveals that employees who take regular work breaks, especially breaks taken earlier in the day, have more stamina.

Balancing Act: Tips to Create More Work-Life Balance
Nebraska City News-Press: Reviewed in this article is recent research by professor of management, Emily Hunter, on suggestions that managers and employees can use to manage work-family boundaries.

Tax Reform Needs to Be About More Than a Tax Cut
CNBC: Giving his commentary about tax reform in this piece is adjunct professor of management, and retired president and CEO of Walmart U.S., William Simon.

Will Personalized Pricing Only Lead to More Discounting?
RetailWire: A study by professor of management, Meredith David, is analyzed in this article, which explains how the research concludes that the existence of a personalized-pricing program may lead customers to expect discounts on a regular basis.

Managing and Retaining Innovators
Innovative Business at Baylor: Sara Perry, assistant professor of management, and Emily Hunter, associate manager of management, research which factors can help foster a work environment beneficial to innovative employees.

Business Scholars Describe How to Rectify Managerial Malpractice That Discourages Employee Engagement
Professor of management, Gary Carini, and professor of marketing, Mark Dunn, have authored an educational parable that conveys the problems and solutions to managerial malpractice using the perspective of a fly on the wall.

When Work and Life Overlap: The Pros and Cons of Boundary Violations
Business News Daily: The focus of this article is on new research by professor of management, Emily Hunter, about the pros and cons of workplace interruptions by spouses.

Baylor Holds 2nd Annual Negotiation Competition
Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business held the second annual Baylor Business Negotiation Competition on April 1, 2017.

When Your Spouse Calls and Interrupts Your Workday, Is That a Good Thing?
Science Daily: Research by professor of management, Emily Hunter, is reviewed, in which she finds that there are benefits and consequences to spouse phone calls during a workday.

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