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Clarity of Purpose
Entrepreneur Kevin Rustagi says the people who survive, even thrive, in the start-up world, all tend to be “hard-wired” the same. He says gritty people have deeply thought out, long-term goals and a “stick-to-it-ive-ness.”

True Grit
How do certain people achieve such great things? What really separates people who really seem to have an almost other-worldly level of commitment to their ideas? Entrepreneur Kevin Rustagi says some people have a kind of “energy about them” to create new things… and a lot of staying power has to do with grit.

Texas prison goal: Business-savvy inmates
The Salt Lake Tribune: This article cites the success of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program based in Houston, with whom Baylor's Hankamer School of Business has partnered to help male prisoners reestablish themselves by giving them the opportunity to earn certificates of entrepreneurship. According to the article, over the past 11 years, PEP “has graduated more than 1,100 students” who have opened 165 businesses “grossing more than $1 million.”

How Dreams and Money Didn’t Mix at a Texas Distillery
The New York Times: Article addressing the challenges surrounding Waco’s Balcones distillery quotes Matt Wood, Ph.D., assistant professor of entrepreneurship in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business and an expert on business start-ups and venture capitalists, who was contacted by The New York Times to provide commentary. Wood says that entrepreneurs often have “strong identification with their businesses” and that can make it hard to give up control to investors who don’t always have that same connection to the enterprise. “When you compound that mentality with the textbook problems of entrepreneurs giving up control, it’s almost kind of a perfect storm,” Wood said.

Students Working to Improve Quality of Life in East Waco (Video)
KWTX-TV: A story about students in Baylor’s Business Excellence Scholarship Team (B.E.S.T.) class who are working with Waco civic and economic leaders as well as business owners along East Waco’s Elm Street to discuss and develop plans to help revitalize the area. The class is taught by Marlene Reed, D.B.A., senior lecturer in entrepreneurship in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business. Reed was interviewed for the story, along with B.E.S.T. students Bryce Garoutte, Michael Summers and Jin Know.

Texas Bank and Trust honored as Business of Year
Tyler Morning Telegraph: Baylor University’s Institute for Family Business honored Texas Bank and Trust as the Texas Family Business of the Year on Nov. 6. The firm was recognized for its commitment to each other and to business continuity, and for its responsiveness to the needs of employees, communities and industries.

Baylor Entrepreneurship Students Present, Publish Case Studies
Three teaching case studies from student teams within Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business were recently accepted for publication.

The students were all members of the Business Excellence Scholarship Team (BEST) course and were asked to write a case study, about a real organization or business, which could be integrated into the classroom learning experience.

Baylor Honors Family Businesses for Commitment to Community, Employees and Industry
INSTITUTE FOR FAMILY BUSINESS CELEBRATES 25 YEARS -- Baylor University’s Institute for Family Business will honor the 2014 Texas Family Business of the Year Award winners and finalists at an awards banquet Nov. 6 at Baylor University’s Bill Daniel Student Center.

Companies May Overreact to Activists
Companies may overreact to social or environmental activists protesting their business practices, according to an article in the Academy of Management Review.

Learning in 360: Lighting Up the Competition (BBR)
The story of Light Bohrd begins with a young skateboarder and his engineer father who envisions photographing his son on a lighted skateboard. Essential to the plot is a university that encourages technological innovation and entrepreneurship, and a multibillion dollar apparel company that seeks new products to improve athletic performance.

The end of the story is not yet written, but Chris Forgey, Light Bohrd’s president, is developing the plot.

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