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SIFE Students to Compete

April 7, 2005

Students from the Baylor Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) organization will be competing April 11 in the regional SIFE competition. SIFE is an organization devoted to changing the world through students using their business knowledge in Financial Success, Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Ethics to educate others in their communities.

In the past year, SIFE students working out of Dr. Mitchell Neubert's class on Leadership and Organizational Change have

- taught in a Mission Waco job training program,

- partnered with the Waco Community Development Corporation to research economic development opportunities,

- collaborated with the CEO of the Dwyer Group, Dina Dwyer-Owens, to develop a program for promoting women in the trades industries,

- developed student outreach plans for the Business Ethics Forum at the Hankamer School of Business,

- consulted for social entrepreneurs like the Re-Store store of Habitat for Humanity and the Fair Trade store of the World Hunger Farm organization

- and educated University Middle School students in the promise and perils of personal finances.

SIFE students are making a difference!

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