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Customizing Your Degree

The BBA in Baylor Business Fellows requires a minimum of 124 total hours which must include:

  • 36 hours at the 3000/4000 level
  • 31 hours in Business

Advisors will guide you in selecting your courses. Your progress will be evaluated annually, and committee approval will be required for graduation.

Minimum GPA

There is no minimum GPA requirement; however, to remain in the major, satisfactory progress, as judged by your advisor, toward accomplishing meaningful goals in four years is expected.

Course Requirement Breakdown

A detailed breakdown of the required courses can be found in the tabs below:

I. University Requirements
Chapel 2 Semesters
II. Humanities 6 hours
Religion Courses 6 hours
REL 1310 Christian Scriptures
REL 1350 Christian Heritage
III. Mathematics and Statistics 6 hours
Math Courses 3 hours
MTH 1321 Calculus I (or higher)
Choose 3 hours of approved statistics course credit from inside or outside the business school. 3 hours
TOTAL 12 hours + 2 Semesters of Chapel
I. Choose one course from each business discipline: 18 hours
Accounting Course
Economics Course
Finance Course
Management Course
Management Information Systems Course
Marketing Course
II. Choose one law course: 3 hours
BL 3305 Legal Environment of Business
ECO 4318 Law and Economics
Other Law course
III. Business Thesis, Honors Thesis (see substitutes below)
Thesis substitutes include:
BEST Program
i5 Program
Practicum in Portfolio Management
Venture finance program
Other programs upon prior approval
IV. Additional Business Electives 10 hours
TOTAL 31 hours + Thesis
I. Choose 30 additional elective courses: 90 hours
Goals of electives should include:
- Obtaining additional majors within the business school
- Obtaining minors or majors from across the university
- Pursuing proficiency in a foreign language or other field of study
- Studying abroad
TOTAL 90 Hours
Border Title