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Welcome to the BEST Program

Business, Excellence, Scholarship and Team


Exactly What Is "BEST"?


BEST is a yearlong academic leadership cohort comprised of the "leaders of leaders" within the Hankamer School of Business. The purpose of the program is to identify, select, and recruit -- and then educate, develop, and launch -- the world's future global Christian business leaders from Baylor University.

These highly motivated students anticipate a rigorous program comprised of its namesake core values: Business, Excellence, Scholarship, and Team. BEST is intentionally designed to foster an environment in which students inspire each other to make a difference in the world through personal growth and learning.

You are invited to get involved and give back to these multiplying young business leaders. For every BEST student developed and transformed through their unique journey, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of future employees could be impacted. We believe each member of this unique, handpicked cohort is discovering their potential to be the inspiring leader they were created to be.


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