Internship Opportunity Summer 2014

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship

Rydell Holdings - Entrepreneurship Internship (Waco)

This is a unique opportunity to gain experience working in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment assisting a venture capital, private equity and real estate investment firm. Interns will learn not only about how to locate, value, and purchase investment real estate; they also will grow portfolio companies - both by assisting with the day-to-day details and casting the overall vision of the company.

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Skills: The position requires the individual to be organized, a hard worker, able to communicate professionally, and have the ability to contribute to a pleasant and achievement oriented work culture.

Responsibilities: Interns will

  • learn about all aspects of a new, small business;
  • collect and analyze data;
  • place value on selected investment opportunities; and
  • communicate directly with property-owners and investors regarding upcoming transactions.

Rydell is located in the heart of downtown Waco!

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