Mentor Opportunity: Business Consultant

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship

If you are interested in having regular conversations this year with a successful business lady who wishes to help a Baylor student avoid some of the pitfalls that she encountered, help them come up with questions that they wouldn't think to ask regarding companies you're planning to start up or professional situations you'll encounter, this is an opportunity you want to check out.

Additional Details: This business lady, located in Toledo, Ohio, is currently working for a large insurance company as a contract negotiator in the healthcare industry and, on the side, does business consulting work in several different industries, focusing on small businesses of less than 20 employees. She's worked with both structured startups entrepreneurs and those who are starting from "ground zero." She is looking forward to sharing her experiences and knowledge with you.

Eligibility Requirements: You must either be a Baylor Entrepreneurship major, or a Baylor Entrepreneurship minor, or currently in an Entrepreneurship Certificate program, or an Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Center resident, or member of CEO - Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization, and have a sincere desire to learn more about entrepreneurship.

"My experience in the mentoring program was amazing. My mentor was helpful in fleshing out any business ideas I had. She also guided me in building my network, which is so important nowadays. After every conversation I had with my mentor, I left refreshed and ready to take on the business world." -Osgood Obodo (Baylor University)

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