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Internship Program

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

The Entrepreneurship Internship Program gives students the opportunity to put classroom knowledge into action in real-world business environments while expanding their skill sets and professional relationships. The program allows the student to receive 3 hours of academic credit for the work completed during the internship and the employer gains access to high quality interns to serve in a temporary capacity.

Student Requirements

  • The student must have taken ENT 3320, for entrepreneurship majors, or ENT 3315 for entrepreneurship minors, before enrolling in the internship course, ENT 4395.
  • The student must obtain pre-approval of the internship position from the Internship Coordinator prior to starting work or enrolling in the internship course, ENT 4395. Contact us at Entrepreneurship Internships for more information.
  • The student will be expected to complete course requirements including maintaining a weekly log, having the internship supervisor complete an evaluation of student performance and submitting a detailed (10 - 20 page) final report as outlined in the course syllabus.

Using Handshake (Students)

  • Use Handshake to create a professional profile, to build a resume and to apply for internship positions.
  • In addition to searching "All" in the Search box, we recommend selecting "Entrepreneurship" in the search function to ensure that you see the Entrepreneurship opportunities.

Host Companies

Internship requirements include

  • A position that exposes the student to an entrepreneurial environment.
  • Within the given timeline, the student must work a minimum of 360 hours.

Registering as a host company is handled through Career Management's Handshake software. In the description of your internship opportunity be sure to include 'Looking for Baylor ENT students'.

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Not Just for Summer

Students can participate in internships throughout the year in both a physical and virtual environment.

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