Executive MBA

MBA Experience in NYC

You are required to participate in one off-campus educational experience in conjunction with your Career Development courses. You will meet with corporate leaders of top financial companies to gain a greater understanding of how the financial services industry operates today.

You will take the trip in the first fall semester of your MBA degree plan.

In preparation for the trip, you will research specific industry sectors, identify leading executives, prepare questions, and develop career preparation sheets. In addition, professors in your respective MBA core classes will require brief reports about an experience, meeting, or discussion related to a current topic in class. Upon returning to campus, you will present a report in your Career Development course.

In Fall 2010, students will travel to New York City. The one-week trip will take place October 24 29. During that week, all MBA core classes will be cancelled to accommodate the students' participation in the off-campus experience.

The total cost for the trip is $2,000. Students will be charged $1,000 in their first Career Development course and $1,000 in their second Career Development course.

Baylor University