European Business Seminar

2016 Baylor European Business Seminar (Baylor in Europe)

Highlights of the Program

NOTE: We have completed regular recruitment for the 2016 program. However, we MAY have one male slot and one female slot beause we have an odd number in each gender going this year which means that we could add one more male and one more female to fill our rooms in each hotel. If you are interested in filling this remaining slot in each gender category, please call or text me, Richard Easley, at 254-723-1673 *immediately* to check on availability before completing the on-line application. In order to go in this slot, you need to have the following: 1) A current passport that does not expire for 3-4 months, 2) a completed application and 3) a check made out to Baylor University for all of the fees, not including tuition, which is due in May.
  • The European Business Seminar is the first, the oldest, and the largest business school study abroad program in the United States with over 23,000 alumni.
  • Visit companies (e.g., Lamborghini, Land Rover, Audi, Swarovski Crystal) that very few get to visit because of limited access or lack of connections
  • Tour Italy, Austria, Lichtenstein,Switzerland, Germany and France on a private exclusive-to-this-program luxury tour coach, then cross over to England on the Eurostar to enjoy the companies and sights of London and beyond
  • Dine at the gorgeous Castello di Gabbiano winery in the lush Tuscany Region of Italy and tour their famous castle, grounds, and winery
  • Hike and dine in the mountains of Innsbruck, Austria
  • Enjoy an elaborate family-style multi-course meal at the world-famous Il Latini restaurant in the heart of Florence
  • Tour a balsamic factory in the authentic balsamic vinegar region of Italy.
  • Take a riverboat cruise to Greenwich where you can see the Prime Meridien & Maritime Museum and feast on fantastic crepes, multi-flavored fudge, and more by authentic street vendors nearby.
  • Visit the crystal-studded offices of Swarvoski Crystal where company executives will provide you a personal history of this world-famous company.
  • Enjoy a farewell dinner at the Carvery at Albert's Pub in London

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