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Why should I go to grad school?

It really depends on how far ahead in your career you want to plan. You will be able to get a job with an undergraduate degree. However, your career is more than just that first job. The changing accounting environment has resulted in an expanded body of professional knowledge. This knowledge cannot be taught effectively in four years. Graduate education allows for the opportunity to build upon your technical accounting knowledge with accounting and business courses designed to help apply that knowledge to various business decisions. Your ability to think beyond the numbers to what the implications of those numbers are is what will affect your ability to move ahead in business. Additionally, now that most states require 150 hours to sit for the CPA exam, you will be competing for advanced positions with other individuals who have masters degrees. All other things equal, the candidate with the masters degree is more likely to get the job. We have designed a program of study that makes getting the master degree very efficient. While you are already in school, you should go ahead and get the degree. Going back to school after you have started working is very difficult because the opportunity costs are much higher. Should you desire to go to law school or an MBA program 3-5 years after you start working, your MAcc or MTax will set you apart from other students.


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