Accounting & Business Law

BBA Degree Plan

Degree Objective

The undergraduate Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Accounting is designed to provide students with technical accounting, communication and leadership skills. The accounting portion of the BBA degree is comprised of three rigorous semesters after which students are prepared for entry-level positions in accounting, but do not possess the semester hours or knowledge required to sit for the CPA exam.

The undergraduate degree alone is particularly valuable to students who wish to pursue career opportunities outside of the field of accounting, yet desire the skills that are developed through the accounting program.

Admission Requirements

Students are not required to apply to the Accounting program, but are eligible to enroll in the first semester of the accounting corecurriculum (ACC 3301 and ACC3303) only if they have a C+ average in ACC 2303 and ACC 2304 (or their transfer equivalents) without a D in either course.

Major Courses

Beginning Fall 2004, the following courses are required of all accounting majors. Courses are to be taken concurrently as shown.

First Semester
ACC3301 - Financial Reporting I
ACC3303 - Accounting Information Systems

Second Semester
ACC3302 - Financial Reporting II
ACC3304 - Federal Income Tax
ACC3310 - Accounting Research and Communication

Third Semester
ACC4330 - Auditing, Assurance & Attestation
ACC4308 - Advanced Managerial Accounting
ACC4350 - Business & Professional Ethics for Accountants

Suggested Schedule

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