Paul L. Foster Campus For Business and Innovation

Construction is underway on the 275,000-square-foot business facility that will soon become the new home of the Hankamer School of Business.


The Baylor Business Identity

The Baylor Business logo represents the brand characteristics of the Hankamer School of Business.

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Investing in People

There are hundreds of “angel groups” across the U.S. and around the world. What are they looking for when considering where to invest? More

What Is a Future Income Stream Really Worth?

The Wall Street Journal: Bill Reichenstein, Ph.D., The Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management at Baylor's Hankamer School of Business, is quoted in this column about the pros and cons of taking a lump-sum check versus a stream of future payments. More

The Pros & Cons of Corporate Social Responsibility [BBR]

At first blush, the idea of corporate social responsibility seems like something every company should strive for. Giving back to the community, or even the world, seems like a... More

Adding Gratitude to Wealth May Help With Happiness

Psych Central: A Baylor University study led by James A. Roberts, Ph.D., Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing in the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University, shows the... More

Baylor Clinches Top 10 Accounting Program in LinkedIn Rankings

LinkedIn recently ranked Baylor University a Top 10 school for graduate accounting. LinkedIn analyzed over 300 million alumni profiles to find out “how universities around the... More