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Change/Declare your Major/Minor

If you are considering changing or declaring a major in the College of Arts and Sciences, CASA recommends that you follow these guidelines before making any changes:

    • Run a "what if" degree audit in Bearweb for the major you have selected. This audit shows you what is required for your new major and allows you to see how your current and completed courses will be applied.

    • Schedule an appointment with the Career Counseling office. You can contact Career Counseling at 254-710-8434. CASA highly recommends that all undecided students complete the Career Counseling appointment series prior to declaring or changing your major.

To change or declare a major or minor in the College of Arts & Sciences:

    • If you are a freshman (less than 30 completed hours), please visit with an advisor in the University Advising office located on the first floor (west wing) of the Sid Richardson Building.
    • If you have completed 30 hours or more, use the online Data Form to make this change.

To change or declare a major or minor outside of the College of Arts & Sciences:

  • Hankamer School of Business Undergraduate Office (sophomore, junior, and senior students pursuing the BBA degree; freshman are assigned to University Advising)
    106, Hankamer
  • Louise Herrington School of Nursing (all Pre-Nursing majors)
    C.107, Baylor Sciences Building
  • School of Education (all Education majors)
    113-116, South Wing, Marrs McLean Science Building
  • School of Engineering & Computer Science
    Mechanical Engineering
    200, Rogers

    Electrical & Computer Engineering
    304A, Rogers

    General Engineering (students in this major may go to either department listed above)

    Computer Science or BioInformatics
    220, Rogers

  • School of Music
    107, Roxy Grove Hall
  • School of Social Work (sophomore, junior, and senior Pre-Social Work and Social Work majors; freshman Pre-Social Work majors are assigned to University Advising)
    811, Washington Ave (Room 220.06 / Downtown Waco)