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Born in the small mountain coal mining and railroad town of Appalachia, Virginia, Terry Roller moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, where he completed high school and college. He worked summers for a small publishing firm, Approach 13-30, which later purchased Esquire Magazine. In graduate school, Roller shifted from full-time to part-time studies while maintaining full-time employment at a small advertising agency in Knoxville. Roller achieved tenure on the faculty of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston before joining the Baylor Art Department faculty in 1983. He has received numerous local, regional and national awards for his graphic design work and well as awards for his fine art work.

MFA, University of Tennessee
BFA, University of Tennessee

Artist Statement

As a designer, I adhere to the adage that the solution lies within the problem. I do not seek to impose a personal stylistic identity on my graphic design work. My goal is an effective unity of content, typography, image, and format that meets client desires, budget and time restrictions, and the intended audience to whom the designer, really, is insignificant. My role is to be invisible other than to provide communication to the audience in as clear and interesting a form as possible. Doing so creatively achieves striking visual and thoughtful results that cut through the clutter of mass visual stimuli. I attempt to involve audiences in ways that permit, even require them to participate, much as a person being told a joke must relate the new information with what he already knows in order to make sense of the punch line. As active participants, the audience is allowed to be problem solvers, to "get it" and to feel good about having done so.

Because I am primarily a designer, the fine art I create often involves language as a natural complement to graphic design. The work makes comments on the foibles of human nature and the interplay of art and society. When my works contain language, they bear the mark of the human hand, the marks of human fallibility, providing another level of hidden meaning in the relationship of art and life.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Work

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