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AREAS OF STUDY: Printmaking

Area & Facilities

The printmaking shop facility at Baylor offers classes in the full spectrum of print techniques and methods. The shop includes 5 lithography presses, 3 intaglio presses, a metal halide vacuum exposure unit, silkscreens and vacuum tables for screen printing, along with a large number of varied sizes of lithography stones along with excellent quality color and black and white rollers and brayers for making prints.

All art students in the department will take at least one or more classes as a part of their specific major area requirements and electives. Courses offered include Intaglio I, Advanced Intaglio, Lithography I, Advanced Lithography, Serigraphy, Woodcut/Relief as well as Independant Study 4V90.

The BFA Degree in Printmaking requires all of these courses of study as a part of the major as well as other art requirements in painting, drawing, photography,and electives in other art areas in the department.

The major in printmaking trains students to think creatively and conceptually as well as to to be highly knowledgeable about all techniques related to the production of fine art prints. The BFA program in printmaking focuses on preparing the student to be highly competitive in graduate programs and other professional careers creating fine art prints.

Students through the years have gotten into top graduate programs on the MFA level and this includes most recently Pratt, University of Texas, The University of Dallas, University of Wisconsin in Madison, Colorado State, University of New Mexico, University of Indiana, and Columbia. The program has produced one Tamarind Master Printer and a number of students that are teaching and working as independent artists. Although competitions are not stressed on the BFA level, a number of students have entered and been accepted to regional and national print competitions.


Student Work

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