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In an increasingly visual world, the demand for the skills of artists and designers is growing. Whether creating with paint, pencil or charcoal on canvas or paper; with tactile materials such as clay, fibers, metal or wood; with light on photographic paper; or with pixels on a computer screen - artists and designers play a key role in communicating ideas, information and aesthetics. the Department of Art at Baylor University meets the challenge of educating future generations of artists and designers with a faculty of seventeen full-time, professionally active artist/teacher/scholars, two of which hold positions as Artist in Residence. Students from freshman through senior benefit from the instruction of these seasoned artist/teachers, thus providing excellent educational opportunities for young people seeking to make the visual arts their vocation or avocation. It is rare to find full professors teaching freshman level classes as opposed to graduate assistants who teach classes in many schools.

This quality visual arts education is presented in the distinctly Christian environment which is the hallmark of Baylor University. This Christian perspective is often the main reason students and parents make Baylor University their college of choice. We would like you to consider Baylor as well for the solid instruction in the visual arts provided by talented, capable and dedicated faculty and for the quality of the artwork produced by Baylor students, many of whom go on to prestigious graduate programs and positions as artists, designers, historians and teachers throughout the United States and the world.

We invite you to visit the Department of Art at Baylor University and tour our impressive facility.


Advising is an important part of the Baylor art history or studio art experience, to ensure steady progress toward degree completion, a logical sequence to coursework, and awareness of career directions that are feasible for art history and studio art majors.


Freshman Scholarship in the Visual Arts
The Department of Art at Baylor University will award a one-year, non-renewable scholarship (approx. $6,000) for the 2016-2017 academic year to a high school student graduating in December 2016 or in the spring of 2017. The scholarship will provide financial assistance to pursue a degree in the visual arts areas of studio art or art history at Baylor University.

Departmental Scholarships
In addition to the Harold Simmons Friends of Baylor Fine Arts Scholarship and the Helen and Dudley Dodson Scholarship, up to twelve scholarships will be awarded. Qualifying students majoring in art studio (all concentrations) may apply. Departmental scholarships will be awarded on the basis of an application portfolio and classroom performance during the past year as evaluated by Department of Art faculty. All declared art history majors are eligible for the Allbritton Art Institute Scholarship. AAI Scholarships are based on recommendations from the art history faculty, no application or portfolio required; see your art history professors for details.

The Harold Simmons Friends of Baylor Fine Arts Scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who exhibits sustained high levels of performance and growth in studio classes as well as overall academic performance. The minimum GPA requirement for this scholarship is 3.0 in both major and cumulative GPA.

Portfolio Documentation

Digital image files, slides or other forms of documentation will be essential for representing your art work throughout your career. The primary way people will be introduced to your work is through this photographic record, whether you are applying for jobs, grants, or exhibition opportunities. For best results, it is recommended that you hire a professional photographer who has experience photographing products and/or art work. If you plan to photograph the work yourself, click here for helpful instructions for preparation.