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Majors Requiring MPE

Majors and Programs that Require Pre-Calculus (MTH 1320) or Calculus (MTH 1321)

As a result of the math placement exam, pre-calculus (MTH 1320) or other preparation may be required before taking calculus (MTH 1321). Some majors or programs may require additional math courses beyond calculus, while others require only precalculus (MTH 1320). Students who are undecided about a major should take the Math Placement Exam to ensure that they will be able to register for calculus if needed for a major they are considering.

Pre-Professional Programs

These programs are not majors. Baylor University offers a curriculum of undergraduate instruction designed to prepare students for application to the professional schools. Professional schools do not have a preference for a particular degree or major. Students should incorporate prerequisite courses into whatever degree program they choose. Students should contact Baylor Prehealth Programs to seek more information about various course requirements specific to each professional school, e.g., precalculus or calculus.



Preoccupational therapy*



Prephysical therapy*

Prephysician assistant*

Preveterinary medicine*

*May only require precalculus, depending on preference of

professional school.


All majors offered under these degrees include a minimum required math course of calculus (MTH 1321).

Bachelor of Science � (College of Arts and Sciences)

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences)

School of Engineering and Computer Science (all degrees)


Most of these majors, offered under the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Education degrees, include a required math course of calculus (MTH 1321). Some majors, as indicated, require only precalculus (MTH 1320).

Astronomy (College of Arts and Sciences)

Astrophysics (College of Arts and Sciences)

Baylor Business Fellows (School of Business)

Biochemistry (College of Arts and Sciences)

Biology (College of Arts and Sciences)

Chemistry (College of Arts and Sciences)

Computer Science (College of Arts and Sciences)

Economics (College of Arts and Sciences)

Environmental Science (College of Arts and Sciences)

Exercise Physiology (School of Education)*

Health Science Studies/Pre-med, Pre-dent Options (School of Education)

Health Science Studies/Physical Therapy Option (School of Education)

Health Science Studies/Health Professions (School of Education)

Health Science Studies /Science Education (School of Education)*

Life Science Secondary Grades (School of Education)*

Mathematics (College of Arts and Sciences)

Mathematics Secondary Grades (School of Education)

Middle Grades Science (School of Education)*

Nutrition Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences)

Physical Science Secondary Grades (School of Education)

Physics (College of Arts and Sciences)


* Requires a minimum of precalculus.

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