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Major Academic Planners (MAPs)

If you haven't decided on a major yet, if you are considering changing your degree or major, or if you just want to take a look at the course sequence for a particular major, you may need to use a MAP....

The Major Academic Planner (MAP) shows you which courses you need to take in that major in a suggested sequence or sample order divided by semesters. This document provides you with a sample "map" to graduation. By using this tool along with your degree audit, you can plan timely progress toward your academic goals. Academic advisors can assist with information for additional options you may want to consider such as a double major or minor.

Baylor major and program MAPS are available at these websites:

2011-2012 BBA planner sheet
2012-2013 BBA planner sheet
2013-2014 BBA planner sheet
2014-2015 BBA planner sheet

2012-2013 BBA / pre-med planner sheet
2013-2014 BBA / pre-med planner sheet
2014-2015 BBA / pre-med planner sheet

College of Arts and Sciences majors

In addition to the Arts and Sciences MAPs, you may also wish to use the following:
        Bachelor of Arts checksheet (degree basics)
        Bachelor of Science checksheet (degree basics)

Computer Science  


Education (See the 4-year MAPs in the "Advising Shortcuts" box.)


Music (Click on Undergraduate Handbook and scroll to semester plans for various majors.)

 Dallas Campus 

Social Work

Baylor Bound Program

Common Elements in Degree Programs
General Degree Requirements: Each degree includes general or introductory study in diverse fields. This diversification is intended to give breadth of view and to assist students in selecting a field of specialization.

Major Requirements:
Each academic unit requires a minimum and variable number of semester hours for a major field of study. Some majors may include additional or other requirements for which students either must obtain credit or demonstrate a level of proficiency.

Some majors and degrees leave room for electives to complete the minimum hours needed (124) while others may even exceed the minimum. If your major and degree requirements do not include a minimum of 36 semester hours of upper level (3000-4000) course work, you will need to complete that university requirement with electives or additional academic options such as a second major or minor.

Residence requirements:
See the MAP or Undergraduate Catalog for general and specific residence requirements for the degree and major.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements:
See the MAP or Undergraduate Catalog for general degree and major GPA requirements.

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