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Islamic Feminism In Kuwait
Recent Sociology Graduate Publishes Dissertation
Alumni - Ph.D. Alessandra Gonzalez

Islamic Feminism in Kuwait
The Politics and Paradoxes

By Alessandra L. Gonzalez

Alessandra L. Gonzalez is a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Studies of Religion (ISR) at Baylor University in central Texas, USA. She is the principal investigator of the Islamic Social Attitudes Survey Project (ISAS), a study conducted in conjunction with ISR on Islamic religiosity and social attitudes, including women's rights attitudes in the Arab Gulf Region.

About the book As Islamic states struggle to modernize and, in some cases, democratize, the issue of women's rights continues to elicit strong feelings and controversy and there are many paradoxes surrounding the idea of Islamic Feminism. Why are conservative Islamists winning elections? Why are educated and professional Muslim women still choosing to wear the veil? Many of the populist revolutions we are witnessing in the Middle East focus on the

legitimate grievances of marginalized groups and populations. This book highlights the voices of cultural elites in the oil-rich State of Kuwait, where we have been witness to amodern suffrage movement since when women were given their political rights in 2005. The result is a new brand of feminism, one born out of a traditional and culturally conservative climate, which gives Islamic Feminists in Kuwait the edge they need to soar to new heights.