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Computers & Equipment

Policy Exceptions
Use this form to submit a request for dean's approval of a purchasing policy exception.

Computer Equipment Purchases
This page provides information on purchasing computers and printers. Technology procurement policies, exception requests, hardware replacement schedule and vendor information is included.

Disposition of Computer Equipment
All Baylor owned computer equipment must be returned to ITS for proper disposal. Additional information may be found in the Disposition of Computer Equipment Policy.

Hardware Support Guidelines
This page provides information on support levels and services in addition to repair costs.

Current Computer and Printer Standards and Exceptions
The University assigns full-time faculty and staff with one robust office computer (replaced every four years) and access to a shared, department printer.

ITS Support Policy
Support levels provided by ITS are listed on this page as well as links to the Hardware Replacement Schedule, the ITS Software Directory, and the Technology Action Guide.

Safe Computing will make computers more secure and help to avoid malware and email scams.

Server Security Policy
Security policies for servers as well as server polices (including information such as accounts, backups and remote administration) may be found on this page.

Technology Systems Usage Policy
Baylor's policies for Information Systems are outlined on this page.

Guidelines for Mobile Devices
Types of mobile devices, support levels, support services, as well as general use guidelines are provided on this page.

Risk Management's Policy for Uninsured Loss
This link provides information on uninsured losses as well as procedures to follow when a loss occurs