Scholars Week 2022 Schedule

URSA Scholars Week 2022 is LIVE

March 28th-April 1st!

Join us as we showcase and celebrate undergraduate research and scholarly achievement.

View The 15th Annual URSA Scholars Week Program and Abstracts.

Monday and Tuesday: March 28th and 29th 

Platform Presentations will be in rooms on the 2nd floor of the BDSC (SUB) on Monday and Tuesday from 1:30-2:30 and 3:30-4:30.

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  • Monday 1:30 Rooms: Beckham and White
  • Monday 3:30 Rooms Baines, Beckham, and Fentress
  • Tuesday 1:30 Rooms: Fentress, Beckham, White, and Baines
  • Tuesday 3:30 Rooms Beckham and White

Poster Presentations will be on the 1st and 2nd floor of the BSB on Monday and Tuesday from 9:00 am -7:00 pm

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Thursday: March 31 5:00 pm

Keynote Lecture: "Stress Reactivity and Health" by Dr. Annie Ginty

Does stress always cause your heart to “race”? Do individual differences in the way your heart responds to stress relate to health? This talk will cover how psychological stress and the way we respond to such relates to current and future health.


Other undergraduate performances and presentations taking place:

As part of the Beall Poetry Festival Dr. Ginger Hanchey's ENG 3378/UNSC 3301 students have designed projects around the theme "How Poetry Changes the World." Experience this through engaging activities set-up on campus.

Student Art Exhibits

Student Music Recitals

Theatre: The Laramie Project 

Jones Theatre in the Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center: 3/30, 3/31/ 4/1, and 4/2: 7:30-9:00 pm

In 1998, a young gay man named Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten to death outside of Laramie, Wyoming. Moises Kaufmann and the members of the Tectonic Theatre Company went to the town of Laramie six times and recorded interviews with the townspeople about the horrific crime. The play that emerged was The Laramie Project; a powerful documentary work that asks deep questions about why tragedies occur and how communities respond. With sixty different characters, the play allows us to travel beyond common stereotypes to see humanity in all our complexity; to see us as both flawed and powerful and to provide hope in times of darkness.