Scholars Week Awards 2021

URSA Scholars Week Awards 2021

People's Choice Award

Social Work and Engineering Join Forces For Community Engaged Research and Social Impact: How Do Students Benefit?

Student Presenter: Asianna Brown  Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Boddie

Outstanding Presentation Awards


Title   Student   Mentor   Department

Data Visualization in Florentine Mannerism   Mikaila Schmidt   Heidi Hornik-Parsons   Art and Art History

An Overview of the Contemporary Music Project   Kaylee Smith   Kelly Hollingsworth and David Montgomery   School of Music

The Musical Color Wheel: Benefits of Music Participation in Low-Income Communities and Communities of Color   Jewel Connor   Lesley McAllister   School of Music

Medical Spanish Research in a Community Health Center - Bilingual Physician Data   Brandon Reider   Karol Hardin   Modern Languages and Cultures

Une opposition du regard masculin: Comment les récits féminins authentiques luttent contre le patriarcat dans le film   Caitlin Jones   Cristian Bratu   Modern Languages and Cultures

More than Motions: Religion as Affirmation of Roman Identity   Rachel Donnelly   Meghan DiLuzio   Classics

Our Human Story- Empathy Developing Workshop   Catherine Marple   Leslie Hahner   Communication

Dickinson's Electric Sight of Truth   Caroline Shurtleff   Sarah Ford   English

Controlled Community: Placing Katie Rainey in Morgana Society   Nicole Salama   Sarah Ford   English

Democratization in South Korea through the Societal and IR/geopolitics model   Hyewon Song   Ivy Hamerly   Political Science

Familial Taxonomic Determination of Rodents from Humeral Measurements   Reagan McRae, Maddie Kinneary, Emma Catlett, Makenzi Pryor, and Stacey Clark   Timothy Campbell   Anthropology

Morphometric Analysis within the Family Muridae: A Study into Subfamily Femoral Variation   Nicole Robles, Alexa Pecina, Ashley Gonzalez, Makenzie Harrell, Sabrina Garcia   Timothy Campbell   Anthropology

Surveying Anopheles stephensi in Ethiopia for Wolbachia, a Potential Vector Control Method   Sowmya Duddu   Tamar Carter   Biology

A meta-analysis of Plasmodium falciparum genetic diversity indices to understand trends in malaria transmission intensity   Devan Kumar   Tamar Carter   Biology

Analysis of temperature-dependent genitalia rotation in male Culex pipiens mosquitoes   Mazie Larsen   Bryan King and Cheolho Sim   Biology

Discovery and Analysis of Arthrobacter phage Dynamite and Casserole   Lauren Crowhurst, Anne Estes, Madelynn Howard, Noor Khader, Mikyla Khan, Mary Mersereau, Neha Mullassery, Jessica Ngo, Catherine Noonan, Kim Phan, Jaishnav Reddy, Elijah Roberts, Sai Sagireddy, Anne Trammell, Sydney Trampedach, Alexa White, Emily Yamada   Tamarah Adair   Biology

The study of deb-1/vinculin in Caenorhabditis elegans using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing system   Kriti Garg, Josh Bumm, Avery Lett, Riley Leyrer, Betty Seghid, Savannah Skinkis   Myeongwoo Lee   Biology

How much of community GPP is accounted for by plankton in three Texas farm ponds?   Tristan Ibarra   Robert Doyle   Biology

Quantifying DMSO Uptake in Single-Crystalline Ice Using ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy   Pranav Viswanathan   Jenée Cyran   Chemistry and Biochemistry

Evaluating the metal complexation of monocyclic and polycyclic boratabenzene ligands   Katherine Rojales   Caleb D. Martin   Chemistry and Biochemistry

Comparing Trainability of Electrical Brain Metrics Using EEG Neurofeedback   Humaira Islam and Clare Hudson   Paul Fillmore   Communication Sciences & Disorders

Effect of the Target and Conflicting Frequency and Time Ranges on Consonant Enhancement in Normal Hearing Listeners   Stephanie Bertino, Megan Mae Oitzman, Trisha Karnik   Yang-Soo Yoon   Communication Sciences & Disorders

Cross Species Analysis of the Sars-Cov-2 Genome Indicates Potential Mechanisms for Ageusia   Ting-Chen Wang   Erich Baker   Computer Science
A Machine-learning-based Approach to Forecast Oceanic Chlorophyll-a   Connor Crowe   Scott James   Geosciences

Analysis of K2W7O22 Nanomaterial for a Breathalyzer for Diagnosing Diabetes   Aman Patel   Zhenrong Zhang   Physics
Numerical Studies of dusty plasma monolayers   Rahul Banka   Lorin Matthews   Physics

Observing Anomalous Particle Diffusion within a Dusty Plasma in the PK-4 Experiment   Emerson Gehr   Lorin Matthews and  Truell Hyde   Physics

White Dwarf Stars Observed with NASA's Kepler Space Telescope   Kendall Shepherd and Weston Hall   Barbara Castanheira Endl   Physics

Isolation induced Ultrasonic Vocalizations (USVs) Using Multiple Methods of the Maternal Potentiation Paradigm resulted in a decrease in calls in female C57 mice   Doan Tran   Joaquin Lugo   Psychology and Neuroscience

Multiple early-life seizures alters neonatal communicative behavior in Fmr1 knockout mice   Phuoc Nguyen   Joaquin Lugo   Psychology and Neuroscience

Examining the Relation Between Belonging and Gratitude in College Students   Miranda Wood   Sarah A. Schnitker   Psychology and Neuroscience

Liberal-leaning Students at Baylor Report Less Belongingness and Religiosity than Conservative-leaning Students   Jeanene  Jackson   Sarah Schnitker   Psychology and Neuroscience

Purpose in Emerging Adults: Eschatological Hope as a Predictor for Beyond-the-Self Purpose   Yejin (Sally) Lee   Sarah Schnitker   Psychology and Neuroscience

Impact of Anxiety on Performance and Habituation to Stress   Anneka  Lewis   Annie Ginty and Danielle Young   Psychology and Neuroscience

Impacts of Early Corticosterone Exposure on LPS Later in Life   Pranay Sharma   Elisabeth Vichaya and Hailey Rodgers   Psychology and Neuroscience