Virtual Symposium Awards

URSA 2020 Virtual Symposium Platform Presentation Awards


Student Presenter (s)   Title   Department   Faculty Mentor

Ashley Ricciardelli and Emily Quach

  Effects of Nitrogen and Micronutrient Concentration on Phytoplankton Toxins in a Community from Lake Fayetteville, Arkansas   Biology   Jacquelyn Duke

Morgan Ballard and Bradie Dean   Analysis of the Artifacts Recovered during Test Excavations and Metal Detector Survey at the Robertson Plantation, a National Register Site in Bell County, Texas   Anthropology   Carol Macaulay

Samantha Fetterman   Investigating Acoustic & Aerodynamic Voice Parameters in College Cheerleaders   Communication Science & Disorders   Brittany Perrine

Caroline Wirth   Examination of Multiple Methods for Collecting Phonation Threshold Pressure   Communication Science & Disorders   Brittany Perrine

Nicole Salama   The Struggle to Survive Childhood: Sylvia Plath's Depiction of Youth as Traumatic in "Lady Lazarus"   English   Julia Daniel

Sarah Hamrin   The Context of Mass: Culture, Communism, and Controversy   Music Education   Robin Wallace

Dayton Wright   New Calvinism, Alcohol, and the Southern Baptist Struggle for Identity   Religion   Joe Coker

Camille Rybacki Koch   **Democratic Deconsolidation: A Case Study in Hungary   Political Science   Ivy Hamerly

URSA 2020 Virtual Symposium Poster Presentation Awards
Student Presenter(s)   Title   Department   Faculty Mentor(s)

Bisi Otulana, M. Guinn, F. Mansouri  

Steroid hormones in three baleen plates from the same individual

  Biology   Stephen Trumble and Sascha Usenko

Lacey Barnes   The effect of photosynthesis and respiration on carbon processing in small ponds   Biology   Robert Doyle

Nicole Wire, Jonathan Aparicio, Bronson Balzac, Sinchana Basoor, Ritu Channagiri, Luke Day, Sowmya Duddu, Anthony Giovi, Haider Khan, Jonathan Lai, Arvind Muruganantham, Angel Otto, Catherine Ravikumar, Christian Schultz, Saisha Singh, Avery Voight, Emily Young, Sriram Avirneni, Grip Gilbert, and Leo Rule


Isolation and Bioinformatic Analysis of Arthrobacter Phage Pippa

  Biology   Tamarah Adair

Christian McSweeny, Hannah Gannon, and Uche Oparaji   The Effect of Eye Diseases on Visual Foot-Reaction Time and Eye Muscle Activity   Biology   Dena Quigley

Joseph Spear and Sae Hee Choi   Bloodmeal analysis of wild-caught Anopheles stephensi in Ethiopia   Biology   Tamar Carter

Sophia Antonini, Lacey Barnes, Avery Davis, Trista Enriquez, Shonti Wilson   The characterization of cell binding motif in LET-805/ Myotactin in Caenorhabditis elegans   Biology   Myeongwoo Lee

Shubhneet Warar, Ian Anthony, and Christina Gaw   Populating a Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Library using Tandem GC/VUV-MS and Chemometric Deconvolution of Real-World Sample Data   Chemistry and Biochemistry   Touradj Solouki

Margaret McCutcheon, Emvia Calixte, Emily Ziperman, and Jamie Kim   An Application of DFT for Characterizing the Energetics of HDX for Solvated Carbohydrates   Chemistry and Biochemistry   Elyssia Gallagher

Humaira Islam and Ryan Scharf   Trainability of Electrical Brain Patterns Using EEG Neurofeedback: Implications for Language Function   Communication Sciences and Disorders   Paul Fillmore

Peter N. Doe   Nudging towards socially efficient norms   Economics   Jason A. Aimone

Simar Goyal   Understanding the Effect of Retail Therapy: Interrelationship between Body Shame, Body Mass Index (BMI), and weight preoccupation   Family and Consumer Sciences  

Jay Yoo

Christopher Holle 

  A machine learning based approach to forecast oceanic chlorophyll-a   Geosciences   Scott James

Taryn Cook   Adverse Childhood Experience Scores and Habituation to Stress   Psychology and Neuroscience   Annie Ginty

Samantha Soto   The effects of perceived stress and stressful life events on cardiovascular reactivity to stress   Psychology and Neuroscience   Annie Ginty

Zachary Pranske   Agomelatine Does Not Prevent Seizure-induced Immune Activation of Deficits in Ultrasonic Vocalizations   Psychology and Neuroscience   Joaquin Lugo

Kathryn Hong and Ana O'Quin   The Hidden Epidemic Addressing Teen Food Insecurity in Waco   Social Work   Stephanie Boddie

Rory Pitts   **Materialist and Postmaterialist Values Impacted the Responses to Refuge Crisis of 2016   Political Science   Ivy Hamerly

** Special Award for globally themed research