Scholars Week

Scholars Week

URSA Scholars Week 

URSA Scholars week is a time to celebrate the creativity and discoveries resulting from undergraduate research. During this week students from all disciplines will present posters or platform presentations or display their artistic creations.  These presentations are a testimony to our belief that research engagement promotes critical thought and hones analytical skills.  These students are preparing for advanced study and will go on to be thoughtful citizens, industry leaders, and our next generation of scholars and scientists. 

We are grateful to the Baylor faculty who support and encourage research experiences for their students, lending their time and resources to the next generation. During this week we also recognize faculty that are excellent mentors and leaders in the area of providing undergraduate research opportunities with the Elizabeth Vardaman Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduates and Excellence in Research Leadership Awards, each of which includes a $1,000 cash prize and trophy.

Please make plans to support your students and peers by attending the presentations and the art events and learn about a field you knew little or nothing about!

URSA Scholars Week Spring 2022